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Review was submitted Best flight compensation companies by Updated at: 20th of October, 2021 is is one of the oldest flight claim companies in Germany. This company takes 20-30% fee of your compensation amount in case of success. 24 hours response to support requests is the advantage of this flight compensation company. As the companies target is worldwide market, website provides information in 8 languages.

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8.6 / 10   (#4 out of 8)

About was established in 2010. This flight compensation company is one of the oldest flight claim companies in Germany. Sadly, the company does not provide information about its size, however, undoubtedly this company is one of the biggest European flight claim companies in Europe. Flightright operates under the rule “no win, no fee” - you will have to pay the fee only in case you win. The price you might have to pay for this claim company service is percentage (20-30%) of your compensation amount. is not a scam - this company operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information about this legitimate company in the review below. If you are looking for an alternative company to Flightright, check the reviews of these best flight claim companies from our TOP5 list: AirHelp, Skycop, Ifdelayed, or Claimcompass.

Customer support

Unfortuantelly, flight claim company Flightright customer support service is not as good as other claim companies service. The advantages of are the 24 hours response to support requests and the website provides information in 8 languages: British English, US English, Italian, Swedish, Austrian, French, Spanish, German. There is possibility to contact the support by email, phone or find a wide variety of answers in FAQ section on website, however, live chat on website is not provided. 

Usability is easy to use as automated user friendly claiming form saves customer’s time and customers may login via Google or with email, however, Facebook login is missing. What is more, customers are provided with the access to the user area and have option to check their flight claim status anytime. Unfortunatelly, the amount of possible compensation sum is not provided while filling the claim form. Overall, using Flightright service is easy and claiming process goes smoothly. 


A lot of customers have left feedback about Flightright service on Trust Pilot with the rating 4.3 out of 5. The service rating on Facebook is higher - 5 out of 5. takes care their customers data, the company encrypts all the customers data and complies with the cookie and GDPR policy. Flightright is transparent company - it shows their team members on the website with photos and descriptions. However, is not very active on social media, writing news on their blog site, there are quite a few topics and feedback about on Reddit and Tripadvisor forums.

Pros & Cons

Possibility to check the claim status online Sign in only with Google or email
Information on the website is provided in 8 languages It takes about 12-16 weeks to receive compensation with the help of this claim company
It takes 24 hours to receive a response from support Flightright service fee is 20-30 % of your compensation amount

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