Airline denies your claim due to technical failure: should you be compensated?

Last updated on June 8, 2023

When a flight is delayed due to technical failure, it can be a frustrating experience for travelers. In many cases, airline companies will deny a customer’s claim for compensation due to technical failures being considered as ‘extraordinary circumstances’. But should a passenger be compensated in these cases?

Most Common Aircraft Technical Failures

Common causes of aircraft technical failures include engine malfunctions, instrument malfunctions, electrical system failure, fuel system failure, hydraulic system failure, air data system failure, fire, and other factors related to maintenance. A major airline can experience dozens of technical failures in a single day, so it’s important for airlines to have regular maintenance schedules to prevent any large-scale delays or disruptions.

What Technical Failures Are Considered an Extraordinary Circumstance

Not all technical failures can be attributed to ‘extraordinary circumstances’ and an airline will not necessarily be exempt from a claim. Technical failure must be caused by ‘unforeseeable events’ such as severe weather conditions, political actions, terrorist activities, or sabotage in order for it to be considered an extraordinary circumstance. If the airline was negligent or careless in its maintenance schedule, a passenger may still be eligible to receive compensation.


Technical failure can cause flight delays and, in some cases, airlines may deny a customer’s claim for compensation due to these failures being considered an extraordinary circumstance. However, passengers should always be compensated when the technical failure was due to negligence or carelessness on the part of the airline. Technical failures caused by unforeseeable events are considered extraordinary circumstances and are not usually eligible for compensation.

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