Airport Ground Handling strike: a common reason of flight disruptions

Last updated on June 7, 2023

Airport ground handling strikes are becoming more and more common, leading to flight disruptions. Each time an airline is going on strike, it leaves passengers stranded and frustrated, and can cause financial losses for them and the airline. To understand the full scope of the problem, we have to take a closer look at what ground handling entails, how the strike affects flights, and what passengers’ rights are in such situations.

Understanding Airport Ground Handling

Ground handling is the process of preparing an aircraft for departure or arrival. Generally, ground handling duties are divided into two areas: ramp services and passenger services. Ramp services involve the preparation and loading of cargo and luggage as well as ensuring it is secured for the flight. Passenger services include check-in, assistance at boarding, and passenger safety and wellbeing before and during flights.

How Strike Weekend Air Disruptions

A ground handling strike will impede these services from being completed. This can lead to reduced efficiency, issues with flight safety protocols, canceled flights, and delays which further disrupts the planned flight schedules. Of course, these delays and canceled flights result in passenger inconvenience and frustration.

Compensation for Strikes and Canceled Flights

Since airline workers are legally protected in certain situations, passengers rights in the case of ground handling strikes can vary depending on the country, as well as the circumstances of the disruption. In some cases, passengers may be eligible for compensation and free rerouting if their flight has been affected by strike action. It is important to do your research to find out the policies in your country before booking a flight to ensure that you know what your rights are. Overall, airport ground handling strikes are a common problem that affect passengers and airlines. By understanding the functions of ground handling, how the strike affects flights, and what rights passengers have in such circumstances, it’s easier to prepare for and be aware of any potential disruptions caused by strike action.

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