Biden administration plans to require airlines to compensate passengers for flight disruptions

Last updated on May 16, 2023

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced plans for the Biden Administration to add a new rule requiring airlines to compensate passengers for flight disruptions on scheduled air transportation. The new rule will grant increased consumer protections, including the right to reimbursement for meals, hotels and other accommodations, and flight rebookings in cases where the airline has caused a cancellation or significant delay.

Airline Cause of Disruptions

Airline disruptions are caused by a variety of factors, including mechanical problems, weather issues, and personnel closing the plane door after the scheduled boarding time. According to the DOT, airlines must provide full information on the cause of the disruption to travelers seeking reimbursement. With the passing of this new rule, airlines must provide written compensation for disruptions caused by the airline’s fault, not just those that are beyond the airline’s control.

Airline Compensation

Under the new regulations, airlines will be required to compensate passengers for all costs incurred when the airline is responsible for the disruption. In addition to reimbursement for meals, hotels, and rebooking, passengers may be eligible to receive compensation for lost luggage and unscheduled overnight stays. Airlines will also be required to provide information on filing a refund claim and instructions on how to do so.

Additional Passenger Rights

The new rule also strengthens airline passenger rights relating to seating and boarding policies, refunds, and lost or damaged baggage. Airlines will be required to provide written notification of their seating and boarding policies, including details on seat assignment, boarding order, and reservations. Airlines must also provide written notice of their refund policies, and must compensate travelers for lost or damaged baggage when they are at fault.


The new rule announced by the Biden Administration is an important step forward for air passenger rights in the USA. The rule requires airlines to reimburse passengers for flight disruptions caused by the airline, as well as provide additional protections for seating and boarding policies, refunds, and lost or damaged baggage. The rule provides airline passengers increased peace of mind in the event of disruptions and will ensure they receive the compensation they are entitled to.

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