Can plane crash survivors or their families seek compensation?

Last updated on May 16, 2023

When an aircraft is involved in a fatal accident, the survivors and families of those involved are often left with devastating emotional and financial trauma. In the United States and other countries, survivors have a right to seek compensation from the airline to cover damages they have encountered due to the tragedy. Understanding the associated legal processes and rights of victims and their survivors is instrumental in recovering economic losses and achieving justice.

Rights for Aircraft Crash Victims and Their Families

Victims of an aircraft crash and their families are entitled to a variety of forms of compensation from the airline. According to the Montreal Convention, air carriers are liable for the damages or accidental death of passengers on a global scale. This includes death, injury and loss or damage to personal possessions. The victims or their families are entitled to compensation to recover losses associated with the tragedy, including travel expenses, lost income and medical costs incurred for physical or emotional impact.

Seeking Airline Victim Compensation

Claims for airline victim compensation must generally be made prior to a set time limit following the accident. This can vary among jurisdictions; however, the claimants must generally file the complaint within two years of the accident in the United States. To ensure their complaint is thoroughly represented, victims and their families should seek counsel from an experienced airplane crash lawyer. The lawyer will assist with gathering evidence, filing paperwork and seeking damages from the airline. Operating with an experienced team will assist with navigating the steps required to successfully receive compensation. In extreme cases, the airline may choose to enter negotiations to avoid litigation. However, victims should ensure to never enter an agreement without the input of an attorney. It is important for victims to understand their rights and the amount of compensation due for their loss.


When aircraft tragedies occur, surviving family members and victims have a legal right to seek compensation from the airline to cover damages. The process of filing a legal complaint and seeking damages from the airline can feel overwhelming and complex. It is paramount for victims or their families to understand their rights and seek guidance from an experienced lawyer when entering negotiations with the airline for compensation. With the help of a professional, victims of an airplane crash can recover losses and achieve justice.

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