Common Causes of Delayed Airlines and How You Can Receive Financial Support

Last updated on July 13, 2023

Delays in airline flights are inevitable; they can be caused due to a variety of factors. Three of the most common causes of airline delays are related to:

  1. Weather conditions, such as heavy rain and snow, can force airplanes to be delayed in order to ensure safety for the passengers on board
  2. Technical issues, which can range from malfunctioning equipment to malfunctions in the central systems, can significantly impact the scheduled departure time of the plane
  3. Air traffic congestion, while often unavoidable, can also significantly impact the departure of a plane due to the limited amount of airspace available.

Receiving Financial Support

Passengers who experience airline delays are entitled to receive financial compensation for the inconvenience caused by the delay. To be eligible to receive compensation, passengers must be informed about what rights they have with their airlines. Airlines will often provide information about the compensation policies they offer and may even specify additional benefits depending on the circumstances of the delay. The claim process may include submitting all details of the flight including the flight number, the date, the reason for the delay, and the type of delay that occurred. The passenger may also be required to provide proof of purchase or a ticket for the flight. Assistance from flight compensation companies can be invaluable for passengers who are experiencing airline delays. These companies are dedicated to helping passengers secure the compensation they are entitled to, as well as to educate them on their rights and provide more information about airline delays. By understanding their rights and working with specialized companies, passengers can help ensure that they receive the compensation owed to them for their inconvenience.