Do passnegers get compensation if the flight was diverted due to unruly passenger behaviour?

Last updated on June 8, 2023

Do Passengers Get Compensation When the Flight Was Diverted Due To Unruly Passenger Behavior? Unruly passenger behavior is an incident in which passengers disrupt the peace and order of a flight. Such behavior includes excessive alcohol consumption, using threatening language, verbal abuse or physical aggression against staff or other passengers. Airlines have protocols in place to respond to this kind of behavior; this might involve offloading the disruptive passenger, involving security, and possibly diverting the flight.

How Do Airlines Respond to Unruly Passenger Behaviour?

Airline crew have a duty of care towards their passengers and staff and must ensure the safe and comfortable operation of the aircraft. They also have an obligation to take appropriate measures when something or someone threatens the aircraft, crew, or passengers. If airline crew become aware of unruly behaviour, they must take steps to deescalate the situation, divert the flight if necessary, or work with other authorities to secure the safety of passengers and crew. Airlines have guidelines for responding to unruly passengers, which can include making verbal warnings about the consequences, refusal to serve alcohol, issuing a warning notice that is attached to the ticket, and offloading a passenger from a flight.

Are Other Passengers Entitled to Compensation?

When a flight is diverted due to unruly passenger behaviour, it is likely that other passengers may experience delays or cancellations to their journey. Airlines will normally provide assistance in such cases, such as rearranging flights, providing meals and accommodations or overnight stays. Depending on the circumstances, passengers may be eligible for compensation under European and U.S. law. The amount of compensation may vary depending on the length of the delay and/or the cost of the ticket. When the safety of the aircraft and the passengers is compromised, passengers may not be compensated for the inconvenience of the flight delay. However, airlines must have policies in place to ensure that those affected receive help and support that is appropriate to their circumstances. In summary, unruly passenger behaviour can cause disruption to a flight and force an airline to divert or delay the flight. In such cases, other passengers may be entitled to some form of compensation depending on the circumstances and applicable laws. Airlines have protocols in place to respond to unruly behaviour and must provide appropriate assistance to all those affected by such incidents.

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