How to claim delayed flight compensation if you lost your ticket?

Last updated on July 18, 2023

Flight delay compensation, also known as air passenger rights, exists to provide passengers with financial relief if their flight is cancelled or experiences a significant delay due to factors within the airline’s control. The recovery a passenger may be entitled to varies from country to country and flight route, but often an airline will offer a voucher, a cash reimbursement, or alternative travel arrangements. Unfortunately, it is difficult to receive compensation for a delayed flight if you have lost your ticket.

How to Claim Delayed Flight Compensation if You Lost Your Ticket

If you have lost your ticket and believe that you may be entitled to delayed flight compensation, the first step is to check your email inbox. Many airlines will send emails giving ticket details, flight times, and other information related to the flight. If the airline used paper tickets, you can also ask any of the other passengers on your flight for more information, such as the flight time and details. Once you have these details, you can contact the airline and request your flight reservation documents. This can often take several days or more, depending on the airline.

Understanding Terms and Conditions

It is important to ensure that you read and fully understand any terms and conditions related to the flight before attempting to make a claim. Airlines sometimes operate different rules and regulations depending on the country of the departure, and understanding the details is key to making a successful claim. Additionally, airlines may preside to alter the regulations when a flight has been cancelled or delayed due to reasons out of their control.

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