Is TUI or Jet2 better for a package holiday ?

Last updated on May 21, 2024

Choosing between TUI and Jet2 for your package holiday can seem challenging as both airlines offer great deals and quality services. However, there are slight differences to consider. TUI is well known for its wide variety of destinations and its all-inclusive packages, making it an attractive option for those who prefer to have every detail organized. On the other hand, Jet2 has been awarded the UK’s Best Airline by TripAdvisor for four years in a row and is highly praised for its friendly service and punctuality. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want a reliable and uncomplicated travel experience.

Flight Delays and Compensation

Unforeseen circumstances can lead to delayed or canceled flights, causing inconvenience to passengers. Both TUI and Jet2, as European airlines, are governed by EU law, EC261, that provides certain rights and compensations for passengers in such situations. If your flight is delayed for more than three hours or canceled without a notice of at least 14 days, you can claim compensation up to 600 Euros, depending on the distance of the flight and the length of the delay. Both airlines, in compliance with this law, have a straightforward claim process to facilitate passengers.

Modifying a Pre-booked Holiday

Flexibility is essential in travel planning, and understanding an airline’s modification policy can save you from potential frustration. TUI has a flexible policy that allows you to make changes to your holiday up to 28 days before departure, though some alterations might incur fees. Jet2 also offers a similar policy, but they require amendments to be made at least 10 weeks before departure. It’s important to review these policies and anticipate any potential changes that might be needed while booking your holiday.

In Summary

Whether you choose TUI or Jet2 for your package holiday depends greatly on your personal preference and needs. TUI provides a comprehensive package for those desiring a hassle-free planning process while Jet2 is an award-winning airline known for its friendly service and timely flights. Both TUI and Jet2 adhere to EC261 for compensation in case of delayed or canceled flights. Furthermore, while both airlines offer modification policies, they differ in specifics, with TUI providing up to 28 days before departure and Jet2 requiring at least 10 weeks notice. Understanding these factors will help you pick the best airline for your travel needs.

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