Lufthansa strike compensation

Last updated on February 13, 2024

Experiencing flight disruptions such as cancellations or delays due to a strike can undoubtedly be frustrating for passengers. In the case of Lufthansa, strikes are considered ‘extraordinary circumstances’. However, under the European Union Regulation 261/2004, passengers have rights for compensation. This regulation ranks among the most potent pieces of passenger legislation globally, ensuring the protection of air travellers in the case of flight disruptions. To be eligible for Lufthansa strikes compensation, the strike must be executed by Lufthansa’s staff and negatively impact the flight. Compensation is applied when flights are cancelled, delayed for more than 3 hours, or if passengers are denied boarding due to overbooking. However, compensation is not provided in case of strikes by third parties such as airport staff and air traffic control.

Amount of Compensation Offered for Lufthansa Strikes

The amount of flight compensation for Lufthansa strikes varies based on the distance of the flight. According to the EU Regulation 261/2004, for flights under 1500 km, passengers can claim up to €250. For flights between 1500 km and 3500 km, the compensation can go up to €400. For flights over 3500 km, particularly if the delay is over 4 hours, passengers are entitled to claim up to €600. It must be noted, however, that these strike compensations are not subject to the price of the ticket but rather distance and the length of delay.

Other Passenger Rights During a Lufthansa Strike

Beyond the compensation for the disrupted flight, passengers have other rights during a Lufthansa strike. Individuals are entitled to ‘right to care’ which includes refreshments, meals, two free phone calls, emails or faxes if the delay is more than 2 hours. Accommodation and transportation between the airport and the place of accommodation are provided if the delay is overnight or a few days. Moreover, passengers always have the right to rerouting under comparable transport conditions to their final destination at the earliest opportunity or refunding and a return flight at no extra cost. In case of denial of these rights, passengers can lodge a complaint against the airline.

In conclusion, despite the inconvenience caused by strikes, the EU Regulation 261/2004 helps to alleviate some of the impact, providing passengers with rights to compensation, care and an alternate mode of travel. As such, in the unfortunate event of a Lufthansa strike, passengers should be aware of their rights and the services they are entitled to.

Ultimately, when you are familiar with air passenger rights and believe you may be entitled to delayed or cancelled flight compensation, find out which best flight compensation companies can help you. You may also fill out the claim form and one of the agencies will check your flight and take your case.