Never do this with airlines when your flight was cancelled

Last updated on May 16, 2023

Whether due to a last-minute weather complication or a technical failure, airline cancellations are an unpleasant reality of air travel. In order to exercise your rights and give yourself a better chance of avoiding future disruptions, it’s important that passengers take the right steps when their flights are cancelled.

Don’t accept offers and vouchers

The temptation may be there when the airline offers a voucher for a next-day flight or some travel-related benefits, but it’s usually best to decline the offer. Airlines are likely offering the voucher to avoid the stricter requirements of a full refund. The EU and US have very different rules when it comes to cancelled airlines, and depending on the carrier and their home country, you may be entitled to more than a voucher.

Force yourself to ask for a hotel

Under EU law, delayed or cancelled flights may require airlines to give passengers overnight accommodations, including a hotel and meals. Depending on your situation, this may increase your likelihood of getting a full refund. Moreover, many US airlines try to downplay these legal rights, so passengers should ensure the airline is aware of their legal obligations when their flight gets cancelled.

Claim for compensation immediately

When it comes to cancelled flights, it’s important to move quickly. The longer you wait to start the research process, the greater the chance the airline has to deny your claim. Passengers should also remember that getting compensation for a cancelled flight is only part of the equation. Airlines are legally obligated to also provide help to stranded passengers. Upon receiving a cancellation or a significant delay, travellers should confirm with the airport staff what assistance they will receive regarding meals and overnight accommodation.

Choose the right claim agency

The right agency can make the entire process of getting compensation more streamlined and efficient. It’s important to consider the following when picking an agency:

  • Look for well-reviewed and reputable services with a track record of success
  • Make sure the agency is familiar with the law in your home country and the country of your cancelled flight. The EU and US have different regulations, so confirming the agency can navigate the legal requirements is important.
  • Ensure the agency truly understands the specifics of your case. Many claim services offer cookie-cutter solutions with minimal effort, but this is not ideal for the long term. Quality firms are more invested in the outcome of your case and will act more tactically to achieve the best possible results.


When a flight has been cancelled, quick response and careful evaluation of your legal rights are key. Don’t let the airlines take advantage of you. Research flight compensation laws, and choose the right claim agency or lawyer to help you in your case. With the right approach, passengers can protect themselves from airline disruption and get the help they’re entitled to.

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