Passengers who refused rerouting are eligible for compensation

Last updated on June 20, 2023

Passengers Who Refused reRouting Are Eligible for Compensation

With so many flights being cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic, many passengers have been left in a difficult situation. While many airlines have been accommodating to these passengers, providing them with refunds or reroutes to alternate destinations, some passengers have refused to accept the reroutes and have demanded their money back.

It is important that all travellers understand their air passenger rights in such cases. Passengers who are unable to take the alternative flight or who have refused the offer of a reroute are eligible for compensation. This includes passengers who have had their flight ticket refunded, as long as the compensation amount does not exceed the sum of the ticket price. Airlines should also be aware of their obligations under EU 261/2004, which states that a passenger is entitled to compensation if they have suffered a delay or cancellation and have not been able to reach their destination.

Certain Situations Call for Special Consideration

At the same time, passengers must be aware of situations that may warrant special consideration. Depending on the circumstance, an airline may agree to pay compensation to a passenger who had accepted an offered reroute, but was unable to fly due to circumstances outside of their control. For instance, if the airline was unable to provide sufficient capacity to accommodate the passenger on the alternative flight, they may choose to pay compensation.

In any case, passengers should always remember that they are entitled to compensation if their original flight is disrupted and they are not able to take the alternative flight. Airlines should be sure to inform their passengers of their rights and be prepared to adjust their policies in case of special circumstances.

Ultimately, when you are familiar with air passenger rights and believe you may be entitled to delayed or cancelled flight compensation, find out which best flight compensation companies can help you. You may also fill out the claim form and one of the agencies will check your flight and take your case.