Reimbursement and Compensation: Air Serbia

Last updated on March 14, 2024

Dealing with delayed flights can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience for any airline passenger. However, in line with EU law, Air Serbia offers robust compensation to customers who experience these disruptions. In the event a delayed flight leads to an arrival time delay of upwards of three hours, passengers may be entitled to compensation of between 250 € and 600 €. The amount is primarily determined by the flight distance as well as the duration of the delay, thus allowing for fair and proportional compensation. Being forearmed with this knowledge can significantly alter passenger experience and perception of disrupted travel, as they can confidently navigate and assert their rights when faced with delayed flights.

Air Serbia Compensation for Flight Cancellation

Airlines, including Air Serbia, from time to time, have to cancel flights due to a variety of reasons, ranging from safety to operational logistics. In such cases, customers are entitled to a full refund of the ticket price or a new flight at the earliest opportunity. But cancellation offers Air Serbia passengers more than merely a strained rescheduling exercise or a refunded ticket. Passengers should be aware that they may also be entitled to canceled flight compensation, oftentimes even in addition to rerouting options. Much like with delays, compensation for cancellations can be between 250 € and 600 €, contingent on specific flight details. The cancellation compensation is intended to assist passengers with sudden expenses and inconveniences that may have been brought about by the cancellation, hence forging a more supportive and understanding rapport between the airline and its passengers.

About Air Serbia

Air Serbia, founded in 2013, is the flag carrier of Serbia. While it operates routes across Europe, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean, its collaboration with partner airlines such as Qatar Airways further extends its reach, enabling passengers to seamlessly travel across the world. Over the years, the airline has made significant strides in refining its operational capabilities and improving passenger experience, underscored by its commitment to upholding EU flight compensation regulations and protecting the rights of its consumers. This customer-centered approach, combined with its selection of extensive routes, has solidified Air Serbia’s standing within the global airline industry.

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