Turkish regulation on air passenger rights

Last updated on February 6, 2024

In Turkey, akin to several continents, air passenger rights are well-guarded and legislated. As per the regulation by Directorate General of Civil Aviation in Turkey, air passengers are entitled to several rights, set in place to deal with potential issues during travel. These rights cover a variety of scenarios, including delayed flights and cancellations. Compensation for a delayed flight in Turkey is clearly outlined, with varying levels of payment depending on the flight time and delay duration. The compensation ranges from €125 to €600, with additional assistance including meals, phone calls, and accommodation depending on the delay’s duration.

In regards to real-life application of these rights, an inspiring case was that of Mr. Altan. In 2017, his flight from Istanbul to Berlin was delayed by five hours due to technical issues. As a result, he was eligible to claim compensation under Turkish air passenger rights provisions, and he successfully claimed €400. This example underscores the robust mechanisms in place for flight passengers in Turkey.

Scenarios Covered Under Air Passenger Rights

The provisions of air passenger rights in Turkey cover a wide range of issues. In addition to the rights during flight delays, passengers also have rights when they are denied boarding, when their flight is cancelled, when their luggage is lost or damaged, and when they suffer a long delay at the airport. Some additional scenarios include rights in cases of death or injury during the flight, downgrading or upgrading of your flight class, and not being informed about the cancellation of your flight in advance. In almost all of these cases, passengers can initiate claims for suitable compensation.

Suppose your flight is cancelled and you were not informed about it 14 days before the departure date, or were informed of a sudden change of departure or arrival time. In that case, you are entitled to compensation of up to €600 depending on the duration and distance of your flight. Similarly, for lost or damaged luggage, in most cases, an airline is obliged to compensate you for your inconvenience. Documentation of these factors thoroughly can aid in the filing for compensation claims.

In conclusion, the air passenger rights in Turkey provide solid protective measures for passengers in case of misfortune during their travel. The right to claim compensation for issues like delayed flights, cancellations, and lost or damaged luggage is a solace to passengers and represents Turkey’s commitment to upholding high standards in its aviation industry.

Ultimately, when you are familiar with air passenger rights and believe you may be entitled to delayed or cancelled flight compensation, find out which best flight compensation companies can help you. You may also fill out the claim form and one of the agencies will check your flight and take your case.