What are the worst airports to fly into during winter season?

Last updated on January 11, 2024

The winter season can be a difficult time to fly for both passengers and airlines alike. Poor weather conditions, icy roads, longer wait times, and more cancellations can lead to a frustrating flying experience. To help you avoid the hassle of winter travel, here is a look at the worst airports to fly into during the winter season.

Airports With Most Cancellations During Winter

Every year, airports across North America report large numbers of flight cancellations due to inclement weather. The worst airports for winter cancellations include LaGuardia Airport in New York, Los Angeles International Airport, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. These airports typically experience the most flight cancellations during the winter season, due to their high volume of passengers, large fleets of aircraft, and limited runways.

Airports With Most Delays During Winter

In addition to frequent cancellations, winter can also present long delays at some airports. The worst airports for winter delays are typically found in the eastern states, such as Washington Dulles International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, and Boston Logan International Airport. These airports experience longer wait times due to their busy flight schedules, high levels of air traffic, and ice and snow-related disruptions.


Flying during the winter can present its own unique challenges. To ensure a smooth journey, it’s important to avoid airports that are prone to flight cancellations and long delays during the winter season. With advanced preparation and flexible plans, however, your winter travels can be successful.

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