What compensation can I expect if I survived a plane crashed but I didn’t reach my destination?

Last updated on May 16, 2023

Passengers who survive an aviation accident of any kind have certain legal rights under international, state, and local laws and regulations. Passengers have the right to seek compensation for the harms and losses suffered in the event of an aviation accident, as well as the right to hold the responsible parties liable for their actions. Passengers also have the right to access records and other documents related to the aviation accident and may have the option to participate in a class-action lawsuit.

How Much Money Will Passengers Get if They Start a Lawsuit?

The amount of money a passenger can receive from a lawsuit depends on a variety of factors including the extent of their losses and injuries, the degree of fault of the responsible parties, and the state or jurisdiction in which the accident happened. Generally speaking, passengers can expect to receive damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. In some cases, punitive damages may also be awarded in order to deter bad behavior or other negligent practices. If a passenger settles out of court with the airline, they may receive a lump sum instead of individual payments for each category of damages.


When an aviation accident occurs, passengers have the right to seek damages and compensation. There are a variety of ways to pursue this, including filing a lawsuit or settling out of court. The amount of money a passenger can expect to receive depends on the nature of their damages and other factors. Regardless, it is important that passengers know their legal rights in the event of an aviation accident so that they are able to get the compensation they deserve.

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