What is a luggage tracker?

Last updated on July 23, 2023

Luggage trackers are a valuable tool for any traveller. They are used to locate lost or misplaced luggage, allowing travellers to accurately pinpoint where their belongings are located. These devices can also be used to keep track of the travel history of a particular piece of luggage or to alert travellers if their items may have been stolen.

What are the functions of a luggage tracker?

The primary purpose of a luggage tracker is to enable travellers to find their lost or misplaced luggage. These devices can be attached to a piece of luggage, or even a suitcase, so that its location can be pinpointed in real-time. By using GPS-based tracking technology, travellers can easily locate their items from anywhere in the world. The technology also allows users to create virtual geographic boundaries, meaning they can be alerted immediately if their items move outside of a predetermined area.

How to use a luggage tracker?

Using a luggage tracker is relatively straightforward. To start, the user must register their device with the manufacturer. This typically requires entering basic information such as luggage type, model number, and size. Once registered, the user can then attach the tracking device to their luggage and connect it with their other travel gadgets. Once connected, the user can easily locate their items in real-time or set virtual geographic boundaries.


Luggage trackers are an invaluable tool for any traveller. They allow travellers to find their lost or misplaced luggage and set virtual geographic boundaries to be alerted of any potential theft. By connecting a luggage tracker to their other gadgets, users can easily pinpoint the exact location of their items from anywhere in the world. Overall, luggage trackers provide travellers with peace of mind, accuracy, and convenience.

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