What is considered as a diverted flight?

Last updated on July 18, 2023

Diverted flights are a common occurrence in modern air travel. It could be as a result of an evolving situation to ensure passenger safety, mechanical failure, bad weather, insufficient airport capacity, or any other probable cause. It is important for air passengers to understand the concept of diverted flights and the procedures and their rights in such a situation.

Reasons of Flight Diversions

Flight diversions may occur for any number of reasons including poor air traffic control (ATC) operations, strong winds, airspace restrictions, mechanical failure, medical emergency, airport closure, etc. It is essential for passengers to stay informed of all possible reasons in order to have an idea of the protocols to be followed in a diverted flight.

Process of Flight Diversion

The captain/pilot of the flight monitors the changing infrastructure of air and its operational rules and decides the continuance or interruption of the journey. He would decide if the new safety measures such as a diversion or suspension of the flight is essential or not. If a diversion has been decided, the flight crew would direct the course to the nearest alternate airport.

Passenger Rights in Case of a Diversion

Passengers already on board the aircraft or waiting to board in the port of original departure should be informed of everything. The airline should help to carry their baggage and provide passengers with meals and, if necessary, accommodation. Air travel may involve long haul flights, and a diversion to another airport could mean passengers arriving late at their destination. To compensate for the inconvenience, certain airlines have compensation policies such as offering vouchers or discounts for future travel. Passengers should enquire about the same through the airline. In conclusion, diverted flights are a part of air travel. Travelers should stay informed about the reasons and procedures involved in such a situation. Airlines should ensure that passengers are taken care of throughout their journey and make a sincere effort to provide compensation when needed.

Ultimately, when you are familiar with air passenger rights and believe you may be entitled to delayed or cancelled flight compensation, find out which best flight compensation companies can help you. You may also fill out the claim form and one of the agencies will check your flight and take your case.