Which of the European low-cost airline is least punctual?

Last updated on September 29, 2023

Low cost airlines have become a popular option for budget-savvy travellers all over the world. But fly with one of these economical carriers, you do run the risk of delayed or missed flights. Which European low cost airline is least punctual and what should you expect when flying them?

How punctual is Ryanair?

Out of Europe’s low-cost airline, Ryanair is overall one of the least punctual. The airline’s on-time performance for arriving flights is currently around 75%. While this is still within the industry average of 84%, Ryanair’s on-time performance is subpar compared to competitors such as easyJet and Vueling. In addition to delayed flights, travellers have reported that Ryanair has a high rate of cancelled flights and can be inflexible when it comes to refund policies.

How punctual is WizzAir?

WizzAir is not as well-known among travellers as some of the other low-cost carriers, but it has the best punctuality rate out of Europe’s budget airline. At 89%, WizzAir’s on-time performance is five percentage points higher than Europe’s industry average. WizzAir has also made it a priority to improve their customer service and offer a greater range of services for travellers.

How punctual is easyJet?

EasyJet is another big name in the world of low cost airlines. It has an overall on-time performance rate of 85%, which puts it just slightly lower than the industry average of 84%. The airline has been praised for its customer service and policies such as its competitive change and cancellation fees, as well as their generous luggage allowances.

How punctual is Eurowings?

Eurowings has an on-time performance rate of 84%, which is the exact industry average. It is one of the most popular budget airlines in Europe, and for good reason. Eurowings offers competitive prices, a generous baggage allowance, and convenient online check-ins.

How punctual is Vueling?

One of the top contenders for punctuality among Europe’s low-cost carriers is certainly Vueling. With an on-time performance rate of 86%, it is the highest in the budget airline industry. Vueling has also received good reviews for their customer service and for their generous cancellation policies.

So, which European low-cost airline is least punctual? Ryanair is overall one of the least punctual, with an on-time performance rate of 75%. It is important to know what to expect when flying with budget airlines in order to plan properly and make contingency plans.

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