Why easyJet winter flight schedules are different from Summer flight schedule

Last updated on December 6, 2023

EasyJet releases its new flight schedules twice a year, in the months of March and September. During the winter season (October–March), EasyJet flight availability is reduced when compared to summer. Thousands of routes become unavailable for winter. These include beach holiday destinations, as well as ski routes. Additionally, EasyJet routes may change during this time, with flights departing from different airports or seasonal routes being closed due to snowfall. As a result, passengers should always double-check their flight between October and March to see if their journey has been impacted.

Where Does EasyJet Fly in the Summer?

EasyJet’s summer flight schedule is much more extensive than its winter schedule. Between April and October, EasyJet operates many more routes. These include flights to and from the southern Mediterranean region, as well as many summer holiday hotspots in Europe. Additionally, there are beach and ski routes, as well as flights to popular city break destinations. All of these routes are suspended or reduced in the winter.

Are There More EasyJet Flights in Winter or Summer?

Generally speaking, there are fewer EasyJet flights during the winter months. Due to the fact that EasyJet reduces many of its routes in the winter months, and operates fewer services from seasonal airports, there are usually fewer flights available. This, however, does vary from year to year. As a result, EasyJet passengers should always check what flights are available before confirming any reservations.

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