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Review was submitted Best flight compensation companies by James Gallagher Updated at: 7th of March, 2023 is the best and well-known flight compensation company in the world. This company does its best to spread information about air passenger rights widely and help passengers get delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flight compensation. Claimers may fill AirHelp flight delay claim form on their website or in their app. AirHelp has recently added a flight insurance service called AirHelpPlus.

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About was established in 2013, since then this flight compensation company has managed to become a worldwide known claim company. This American flight compensation company grows fast - with almost over 500 employees became the largest flight claim company in the world. AirHelp’s mission is to spread information about air passenger rights widely, help passengers claim and get delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flight compensation. AirHelp company is legitimate, registered as AirHelp Limited in Hong Kong. AirHelp Germany GmbH also provides service under the AirHelp brand name. AirHelp is not a scam - this company operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. This flight compensation company works under the rule “no win, no fee” - the price you might have to pay for AirHelp service is a percentage (25%) of your compensation amount plus a 25% legal action fee to represent in court if the case will be taken to court and you will have to pay the fee only in case you win. There is more information provided in the AirHelp review below. If you are searching for AirHelp alternative company, check the reviews of these best flight claim companies from our TOP5: Skycop, Ifdelayed,, or Claimcompass.

Customer support customer support is high quality while customer service instantly responds to flight claims and it is provided in 15 languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Romanian. Furthermore, AirHelp customer service is personalized - each customer is treated personally with relevant feedback rather than an automated answer. Support is provided on the AirHelp website, you may also contact them on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter). Customers will find the FAQ section, phone number, email on or may contact them by website live chat.


You may fill AirHelp flight delay claim form on their website or in their app. Concerning AirHelp customer experience, the website and app offer very useful features, such as an intuitive and user-friendly online claim form. They also have a convenient feature while filling the claim form - a list of flights with their numbers, all you have to do is to select your flight from the list. Furthermore, customers can log in and check their claim status online. Additionally, few more tools are provided for customers on the website - the annual best airlines ranking, the list of worst airlines, airports ratings, information about airline passenger rights, etc. However, customers might find a little inconvenient to register using an email address while filling a flight claim form. Besides flight delay compensation service, AirHelp has recently added a flight insurance service called AirHelpPlus. You may also use AirHelp service to help you in claiming delayed, damaged, or lost baggage compensation.


Flight compensation company AirHelp provides all its activity details to the public. website encrypts all the customer data and complies with the cookie and GDPR policy. Furthermore, this airline compensation company is very active on social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Lots of topics and feedback about AirHelp are provided by customers on Reddit and Tripadvisor forums. AirHelp rating is 4.6/5 on TrustPilot, however, their Facebook rate is very low - 3.5/5.


Additional services: delayed, damaged, or lost baggage compensation and flight insurance service AirHelpPlus Sign up and log in only with email
Support is provided in various languages
Possibility to check claim status online
It takes 4-10 weeks to get compensated
24/7 personal support on the website chat

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2 years ago

Worth the waiting..we took money back from a delay with Volotea. We have only gjven the information and after long waiting Airhelp managed to gain some money for us. Meanwhile we were informed with emails.

Catherine Enyonam Saevarsson
2 years ago

Was an awesome help. I wasn’t sure what to do after the aircraft had been delayed for 3hours without any explanation. After 2days Airhelp just reached out to me to request my compensation. I was compensated within 2weeks and that is an amazing experience.
Thank You!

Tinu Larodo
2 years ago

Easy to use service. Very good experience will use again.

Jessica Enstedt
2 years ago

great customer experience!

Vladimir Volkov
2 years ago

Very satisfied with the service. I’ve got my compensation, even though it took quite some time (2 years).

I don’t remember how I started my claim through AirHelp, and if I paid any fees. Probably insurance was added when I booked tickets through my company booking system.
One of my flight was cancelled. Air company provided me with new tickets for free but with more connections, later departure, multiple air companies, and they forgot to request a second piece of luggage (which was book upfront ith original ticket). I had to pay extra luggage fee for each air company used and I lost my last connection.

Double Duchess
2 years ago

I completely forgot I submitted a claim through AirHelp mid 2018 when I recently, thee years later, received an email telling me about a compensation payment! Payment went very smooth and is secure, and was definitely worth the fee. Very responsive and helpful communication with the team.

Martin Rothmann
2 years ago

This is the help you get from these!

“We are really sorry that we could not help you with your claim and we did not fulfil your expectations.
We always do all we can to help our passengers to get their compensation from the airline. As we use “no win no fee formula” we are always determined to reach our goals. Our investigations revealed that airport problems affected your flight.
By law, airlines are only required to compensate you for disruptions caused by circumstances within their control.
Airport problems are beyond an airline’s control. They are classified as extraordinary circumstances and cover situations such as:

Air traffic control restrictions
Runway issues
Airspace congestion
Emergency landings

These issues might not always be apparent at the time. Airports operate on strict schedules and even a brief incident earlier in the day can disrupt later flights.

We are sincerely sorry that this is the outcome of your case. We wish you luck with your future travels and hope that in case of any disruptions you will choose to submit a claim with us again.”

None of what they claimed had happened- the flight was delayed due to an error and the airline sent a replacement plane from the destination country – I believe that AirHelp is helping themselves to passengers claim – getting these from the Airlines and then keep it all..

My recommendations- steer clear of AirHelp

Ilija Krsteski
2 years ago

The first attempt failed, but AirHelp didn’t give up, so gave it another go a few months later. In the end, we won. Happy customer. Would definitely use the services again.

Anuj Saxena
2 years ago

It was awesome experience for me with Airhelp.
I only uploaded necessary documents and rest was taken care by Air help.
Thanks a lot Airhelp.

Carlos Omar Fuentes Elizondo
2 years ago

Thank you for all your great help

Ones Lahmer
2 years ago

I got a refund with Airhelp’s help!

Mihaela-andreea Oanea
2 years ago

I resolved my problem with WizzAir with this company , but the taxes are soo much…

2 years ago

Easy process, quick responses, keeping me updated at every step, and most importantly, getting my compensation in just around 2 weeks

Petran Papapetrou
2 years ago

My flight was canceled and they didn’t help me at all!

Kevin Mulchansingh
2 years ago

Honestly thought it was a scam, but they kept to their word with a very nice suprising email to tell me i had some money waiting for me. They took their fee to which is Very fair and the paid into my account.

Thanks very much for the support.

2 years ago

Having used AirHelp some years back with great satisfaction we got an email from them out of the blue last month saying we could now get compensation for a flight from 3 years back (that we had given up on.) In under a week a compensation of £300 on our account. Money we never expected to see. Very good service – and super easy!

Mauro Pascoa
2 years ago

Despite the Time, Your always keep working to find a solution, helping the costumers rights. I really appreciate once again your dedication.
Sincerely, yours…

2 years ago

Thank you for your support for a flight cancellation. Excellent communication throughout, and compensation received, as promised.

2 years ago

Take to much of a commission better to go direct to the Airline and deal with it.

Adva Avrahami
2 years ago

I got fast answers for what im entitled to and it was quick.