Are there still problems with the 737 Max?

Last updated on January 23, 2024

Boeing’s 737 Max has been in the limelight for a slew of reasons, primarily owing to tragic plane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that led to the grounding of the fleet worldwide. Airlines like American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and international carriers like Air Canada, Lion Air, Ethiopian Airlines, and more were some of the airlines affected due to the ban on Boeing 737 Max, leading to a plethora of delayed flights and cancelled flights. Despite an extensive review and upgrading process that should have resolved the initial design flaw, there seem to still be issues plaguing the 737 Max planes. These continuous faults have raised valid concerns about the effectiveness of Boeing’s fixes and if it is truly safe to fly the 737 Max.

Flight Safety and the 737 Max

The principal question that looms in every stakeholder’s mind pertains to the safety of the 737 Max. Over time, a few airlines have declared that they will resume flights with the 737 Max, following the lifting of the ban in 2020. However, issues such as electrical faults caused many of these airlines to once more ground certain planes in early 2021, leading to more delayed flights and cancelled flights. According to an analysis by Polkacrypt, customers affected due to these cancellations and delays could claim for flight compensation based on various factors, including the duration of delay and distance of the scheduled flight. Undoubtedly, these recurring issues have caused a dip in the trust consumers have in Boeing as well as impacting the airlines, as they grapple with both financial loss and trust issues from their clients. More rigorous safety protocols and frequent inspections have become the new norm to reassure passengers about the safety of the 737 Max and to regain consumer trust.


In conclusion, the issues with the 737 Max have been challenging for Boeing, airlines, and passengers, leading to considerable financial loss and a decrease in consumer trust. Whether Boeing and the airlines that use these planes can rebuild this trust and ensure the safety of passengers in the long-term remains to be seen.

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