Can flights get cancelled due to heat?

Last updated on August 9, 2023

Heat is an increasingly common reason for flight cancellations. Airlines must abide by strict regulations to ensure air safety, and high temperatures can pose significant dangers to the safe operation of planes. Temperature affects air density, which affects the lift generated from aeroplane wings and can ultimately cause flight delays.

Does Temperature Affect Flight?

When temperatures reach a certain level, the air density decreases. This can cause the air to become more turbulent during the climb phase of the flight, making the plane more difficult to control and navigate. Additionally, high air temperatures can cause the air around the plane to become more dense, creating restrictive power settings which limits the plane’s speed and altitude capabilities. If the temperature is too hot, the plane may be unable to maintain a safe and stable flight.

Can You Claim Compensation for Flight Cancellation Due to Temperature?

Yes, when flights are cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, passengers may be able to claim compensation. Generally, airlines must prove that a flight was cancelled due to an “extraordinary circumstance,” such as a hurricane or extreme heatwave, in order to avoid paying compensation. These conditions are generally considered to be beyond the control of the airline.

If flight cancellations are due to other reasons, such as technical difficulties or crew scheduling issues, passengers may still be able to claim compensation. Whether or not compensation is issued is dependent on the airline’s terms and conditions of carriage.

Is Temperature Considered an Extraordinary Circumstance?

Yes, if temperatures exceed a certain level, airlines may need to cancel flights as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew. This is often done if temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius or higher. However, the exact temperature at which a flight is cancelled will vary from airline to airline.

In most cases, when flights are cancelled due to high temperatures, the airline will either offer a refund or rerouting of the ticket. Before booking, passengers should review the airline’s policies regarding extreme weather to ensure they are aware of any potential risks.

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