Self Connecting Flights: a risky way of travelling

Last updated on May 29, 2023

What is a Self Connecting Flight?

A self connecting flight is a type of air travel with multiple legs, where the passenger is responsible for getting from one flight to another without the help of airport staff or airline personnel. The passenger must take full responsibility for making it to the final destination and ensuring their baggage is transferred appropriately. Self connecting flights are typically cheaper than non-stop flights, but can be a lot riskier and more time consuming.

Missed Connections “padding-top:0pt;margin:0;color:#000000;padding-left:0;font-size:11pt;padding-bottom:11.2pt;font-family:”Arial”;line-height:1.0;text-align:left;padding-right:0″>If a passenger misses their self connecting flight due to flight delay, cancellation, or other extenuating circumstances, they are still responsible for finding an alternate solution. Usually, airlines are not liable for compensation if the passenger is unable to make the connection, unlike when there is a direct flight. In cases of long delays or cancellations, however, passengers may be able to reclaim some of their expenses with flight compensation.

Reclaiming Flight Costs

Passengers can reclaim a portion of their original travel costs if their flight experienced a delay of at least 3 hours, a cancellation, or they were denied boarding due to overbooking. Every airline is different, but typically a passenger can receive a refund or a voucher for future travel with the airline if their flight is affected by one of these scenarios. Many passengers are unaware of their rights when it comes to flight compensation, making it difficult for them to retrieve their expenses.


Self-connecting flights can be a cheaper alternative to traditional non-stop flights, but they also come with certain risks. Most importantly, passengers are responsible for making the connection on their own, which may result in issues like missing a flight if they don’t arrive on their next flight on time. In cases of flight delay, cancellation, or overbooking, passengers may be able to reclaim some of their expenses with flight compensation as long as they know their rights.

Flight compensation is the financial reimbursement that you may be eligible to receive from the airline if your flight is delayed, cancelled, or you’re denied boarding. We’ve handpicked the Top 5 flight claim companies to assist you in securing the compensation you deserve. Select one now and take the first step towards your claim.