Tips on How to Avoid Flight Delays & Receive Fair Compensations Quickly

Last updated on July 13, 2023

Effective planning, staying updated and knowing your rights is essential for avoiding flight delays and receiving fair compensation quickly. With many travellers dreading the thought of potential delays, this article will provide helpful tips on how you can minimise flight delays and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Effectively Plan Your Flight

Properly planning your flight can help minimise the likelihood of possible delays. Airlines often send out notifications to their passengers of any impending delays or cancellations. Therefore, signing up for text or email notifications can be beneficial in staying up to date of any delays. It is also important to plan ahead in preventing potential complications such as arriving on time for the check-in process, allowing yourself ample time to get through airport security procedures, and ensuring you have valid travel documents in order.

Stay Updated

Maintaining awareness of the status of your flight ahead of time can minimise the chances of delays and keep you ready and prepared in the event that a delay does arise. Checking the airline status page before leaving for the airport or in the app is essential in keeping updated of any flight status changes. If there are any delay warnings or predictions, it is important to reach out and contact the airline immediately for any further guidance.

Know Your Rights

In the event of a delay or a cancellation, it is important to know information such as the reimbursements or compensations you may be eligible for. Airlines are required to compensate passengers depending on departure and arrival destinations, the length of the flight, and the circumstances for the delay or cancellation. Familiarise yourself with the airline’s policies as this information is typically found on the airline’s official website. In conclusion, effective planning, staying updated, and knowing your rights are key for avoiding flight delays and receiving fair compensation quickly. Although out of your control, taking the necessary steps to properly plan your flight, stay up to date with the flight status and knowing your air passenger rights can greatly reduce the chance of flight delays and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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