What Are the Common Reasons Airlines Give For Withholding Payment?

Last updated on July 11, 2023

It’s becoming all too common: People who have taken a flight experience a problem and then try to claim compensation – only to find that they’ve been denied. Aggrieved passengers often ask why airlines don’t pay out in such cases, with many wondering about the common reasons airlines withhold payment.

Extraordinary Circumstances

One of the most common explanations provided by airlines for refusing to pay out is ‘extraordinary circumstances’. This legalese typically refers to those cases in which the airline isn’t held liable due to external factors – such as strikes, natural disasters, medical emergencies, and security incidents like bomb threats. Under these conditions, the airline isn’t legally obligated to pay compensation, even though the passenger’s experiences may have been far from ideal.

Disputed Liability

As well as extraordinary circumstances, airlines may also use disputed liability as an explanation for holding onto their money. Here, the airline doesn’t accept that it (or its staff) is liable for the disruption to a passenger’s flights. It may blame a third-party service provider, for example, or point to outdated regulations as a means of refuting responsibility.

Lack of Documentation

Finally, there’s the issue of a lack of documentation. For passengers to be entitled to compensation, they must be able to present evidence of the disruption and its negative impact on their journey. This proof must be reliable and trustworthy, and if the airline believes it can’t provide sufficient evidence, then it may withhold compensation. A similar problem can arise if technical issues or procedural complexities mean that the passenger can’t in fact make a valid claim. Understanding the reasons behind an airline’s decision to withhold payment is key to defending one’s rights – and gets everyone closer to the ultimate goal of securing fair compensation.

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