What documents Do I need to have to claim compensation for a delayed flight?

Last updated on November 24, 2023

Flight compensation is a term used to describe individuals who have suffered from a delayed or cancelled flight. All passengers deserve fair compensation if their flights experience travel disruptions, and are entitled to file a claim for compensation. Knowing which documents are needed to successfully file a claim for flight compensation can be difficult, so here is a guide on the steps and paperwork necessary.

Do I Need to Have a Boarding Pass?

Yes, a valid boarding pass is the most important evidence needed to support a flight compensation claim. This document should include the date of the flight, the duration of the flight, the class (economy, business or first class) and any other information from the ticket which may be relevant. Moreover, some airlines may offer additional services such as lounge access or refreshments, and these should also be noted on the boarding pass. All the information on the boarding pass will be needed to verify whether the claim is eligible for compensation, so it is essential to submit it as part of the evidence.

Do I Need to Provide My ID Document?

It is also important to provide a valid form of identification, such as a passport, when submitting a flight compensation claim. This is to prove that the claimant is the same person who had purchased the ticket, and to provide the airline with the necessary contact details to contact the claimant.

Do I Need to Provide My Credit Card Details?

In some cases, an airline may require the claimant to provide bank details or credit card details in order to process the claim. However, this should not be done unless explicitly requested by the airline, as providing such details can potentially open the claimant to fraud. Overall, when claiming compensation for a delayed flight, it is essential to provide the airline with the necessary documents to successfully process the claim. These documents can range from a boarding pass to a valid form of identification, and even bank or credit card details if they are explicitly requested. By having all these documents ready, claimants can ensure that their claims for flight compensation are processed quickly and correctly.

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