When will Riyadh Air start operations?

Last updated on November 24, 2023

Riyadh Air is an upcoming new airline in Saudi Arabia. It is expected to commence operations in 2021. The airline will operate both domestic and international routes. Currently, it has not revealed which destinations will be flown to.

Where will Riyadh Air fly

Riyadh Air is expected to fly to many destinations across the region and beyond. The airline will offer both domestic and international flights in the coming years. Riyadh Air will operate in the Middle East and North African markets and will most likely have destinations in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, and Egypt. The airline plans to expand further in the near future and open routes to other countries.

How many aircrafts will Riyadh Air operate

It is expected that Riyadh Air will operate a fleet of around 28 aircraft. The airline will mainly operate Boeing’s narrow body single-aisle jets, such as the 737 MAX 8. There will also be some widebody planes, such as the Airbus A330 and A321 Neo.

Who owns Riyadh Air

Riyadh Air is owned by a group of Saudi investors, including international investors. The airline will be led by a Board of Directors. Riyadh Air has also partnered with Flight Compensation Group to ensure that customers are compensated for any cancellations and flight delays. Riyadh Air is set to be an exciting new option for travellers in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding region. The airline is expected to operate a modern and efficient fleet of planes, offer different routes and destinations, and provide passengers with a reliable and comfortable travel experience.