Why are french atc is always on strike?

Last updated on September 18, 2023

The French Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) are among the most highly trained professionals in the aviation industry. This is because it is their responsibility to ensure that safety and efficiency are maintained in the French airspace. Unfortunately, French ATCs are often on strike, disrupting flights and leading to flight cancellations and delays. The primary reason for their frequent strikes is that they are protesting against low wages and poor working conditions, which are often the result of budget cuts made by the French government.

What Are Airlines Doing When ATC Strikes Happen?

When ATC strikes occur, airlines have to adhere to additional safety regulations. They are also required to provide alternate flight route plans and re-route affected flights where possible. Airlines often try to reduce the disruptions by making use of other ATCs, such as those located in neighbouring countries, but this is not always possible due to technical or weather conditions. Additionally, airlines are required to develop and implement contingency plans to minimise the effects of ATC strikes on their business operations.

What Can Passengers Do If They Face ATC Strikes?

Passengers that face flight disruptions due to ATC strikes should contact their airlines to find out the best course of action. In most cases, airlines will provide alternative routes, either by re-routing the flight or in some cases offering refunds or vouchers for future trips. It is also important for passengers to familiarise themselves with the French ATC regulation and pay close attention to news about ATC strikes in order to stay informed and avoid the inconvenience caused by flight cancellations.

How Often Do ATC Strikes Happen?

ATC strikes in France are unfortunately an all-too-regular occurrence, with an average of six to eight strikes happening every year. Although these strikes can occur at any time of the year, they are typically more frequent during the summer months when the demand for air travel increases. However, as the French government has increased the working hours and salaries of the ATCs, the frequency of strikes has slowly decreased in recent years.

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