Why Ryanair Is The Most Controversial Airline?

Last updated on September 29, 2023

Ryanair has a long-standing reputation for providing low-cost flights for travellers, but it’s also well-known for being one of the most controversial airlines in the world. With accusations of poor customer service, filthy cabins, and hidden fees, it’s easy to see why it has a less than desirable opinion from the public.

Poor Customer Service

An on-going issue that Ryanair has been dealing with is complaints of poor customer service. Recently, reports have stated that passengers have had to wait for hours in airport queues to check-in, with no one from the airline around to attend to them. Other customers have also constantly reported slow response times and unhelpful behaviour from staff. This is despite Ryanair’s claims that their ‘new customer service revolution’ would improve passengers’ experiences.

Filthy Cabins

Another area where Ryanair has generated some negative press is its cabins, which are often reported to be filthy and uncomfortable. Passengers are sometimes expected to wrap a blanket around them to keep warm as cabins are so cold, while the condition of the onboard toilets is often reported to be dirty. Some passengers have even posted pictures of their experiences online, showing the appalling conditions some have had to put up with.

Hidden Fees

It’s not just the customer experience that has caused contractions for Ryanair – hidden fees and charges are also a major source of complaints. These fees can include excess baggage charges, ticket change fees, and more. Passengers are often unaware of these charges until they come to pay for their tickets, leading to many feeling cheated and taken advantage of by the airline.


When looking at Ryanair’s reputation, it’s easy to see why it has been so controversial – problems with customer service, dismal on-board experiences, and hidden fees have caused heated debate about the airline. Ryanair needs to address these issues if it wants to clean up its image and win back customers’ trust.

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