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Review was submitted 10 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Europe by James Gallagher Updated at: 22nd of September, 2020

Mintos is a peer to peer global marketplace for investing in peer to peer loans. This is going to help individuals get a large number of loans to invest in. The main advantage of this platform is going to be its simplicity and ease of use. The company was able to start with over € 7 million in two years and get their platform to offer some of the most accessible and easiest ways to get access to loans. Mintos’ main goal is to make loan investing a common activity as placing funds in stocks, ETFs and other asset classes. Indeed, the Mintos wants to make P2P loans a new asset class offering a diversified number of possibilities for users to invest in. With this in mind, Mintos is developing some of the best practices and industry standards to offer user-friendly and easy-to-use services for investors.

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9.7 / 10   (#1 out of 10)
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More than €7 billion in investments received It was launched a few years ago
Helps the peer to peer lending market expand There are already established competitors
Wants to create a new asset class Firestick app design needs improving
Simple and easy to use Responded late and poorly to a 2018 server breach
Diverse number of investment options
One of the most advanced p2p lending platforms

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