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Review was submitted Best flight compensation companies by Updated at: 20th of October, 2021 is the best flight compensation company in the Netherlands. The experts, working in this airline claim company, have a broad knowledge of EU law and understand the matters related to claiming flight delay, cancellation, or denied boarding. has a 98% score of success in flight claims against airlines.

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About, founded in 2010, is a dutch flight compensation company. Since its foundation company is steadily growing with its 110+ employees staff and has become the best claim company in the Netherlands. helps air passengers claim delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flight compensation. The experts, working in this airline compensation company, have a deep knowledge of EU air passenger rights and understand clearly the matters related to claiming procedures from the relevant airline in the events of disrupted flights. According to the statistical data, has a 98% score of success in flight claims against airlines. The price you might have to pay for Flight-Delayed service is the percentage (25%) of your compensation amount, however, the fee must be paid only in case of success - when the company wins against the airline and you get the compensation. Furthermore, it is a legitimate company, operating under EU Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 - this law ensures air passenger rights protection. There is more information provided in the review below. In addition, if you are looking for an alternative claim company to, you may also check these reviews from our best flight delay compensation companies list:  AirHelp, Skycop, Ifdelayed, or Claimcompass.

Customer support support team is effective and responds to requests within 48 hours. The customer support might be provided in these languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, and Polish. Customers may contact them by email or social media only as this company does not have a live chat on the website. What is more, you may find the answers to your questions by browsing information in their FAQ section on the page. Flight compensation claimers may create an account on the website for user convenience with social logins (e.g. Google or Facebook) or email. 


Filling flight information and other details on the website is easy as an intuitive and user-friendly system facilitates the process. The website provides a list of flights choose from while filling a claim form. You will check flight eligibility and then will be asked to fill in personal information and provide the necessary documents. This is a simple thing you will have to do yourself, further steps and actions will be done by a professional team working at and you will get your compensation from an airline hassle-free. You will fill their claim form very quickly - only in 3 minutes. Sadly, there will be no information presented about possible compensation amount after filing a claim form. Nonetheless, customers have the possibility to check the claim status on the user area. However, perhaps depending on circumstances claiming with can either be a smooth or frustrating practice as some customers published that this company might respond to requests after several months.

Credibility seeks transparency by presenting the names with short descriptions of its CEO, CFO, and CTO. Furthermore, this airline claim company has a low score on TrustPilot - 3.2 of 5 and a much higher on Facebook - 5 of 5. Despite this company does not have the highest score of reviews, it is good at claiming and getting compensation their customers are entitled to. To conclude, their website protects user data by encrypting it, but doesn’t comply with GDPR. Unfortunately, there are quite little topics and feedback about Flight-Delayed company on Reddit and Tripadvisor forums.

Pros & Cons

Information on the website is provided in 10 languages 24/7 support is not provided for customers
There is a flight list to choose your flight in the claim form Support responds to requests within 48 hours
Possibility to check the claim status online Does not have a live chat on the website
Possibility to sign in with Google, Facebook or email

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