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ExpressVPN Review

Review was submitted Best cheap VPN by Updated at: 20th of October, 2021

If you want to know what is VPN then ExpressVPN has the answer to that question. This firm is working on a daily basis in order to defeat continent restrictions and censorship. If you are living in a country with internet restrictions, then this Virtual Private Network company is going to be the best VPN in 2020 for you.

ExpressVPN protects users that work online and hide the IP address after encrypting the network data. This would protect users’ privacy when they use the VPN service. This is considered to be one of the fastest and best cheap VPN service providers in the world.

ExpressVPN is currently offering users with the possibility to use a risk-free VPN trial that will help users to try the services provided. If the client is not 100% satisfied, he will get his money back. Nonetheless, they do not offer a free VPN for Windows.

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9.4 / 10   (#2 out of 12)
$ 6.67
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Pros & Cons

Works very fast Does not offer VPN Free Online
Is one of the Best VPN Can be more expensive than smaller competitors
Offers a network of over 3k Global VPN Servers
High quality virtual private network provider
Offers 30-day trial (test drive)

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3 years ago

For the most part, it works and it works well. Only once did I get a non-functioning update. I have a year subscription and am about halfway through.

The problem that I have with this — I am a computer programmer by trade — is that these types of mistakes happen all the time. It is much easier to say, “Whoops! We had a bad release” than it is to say, “In order to troubleshoot, step 1: have the latest version.”

It is easier precisely because it happens all the time. I would have given five stars, except that I consider what they did dishonest.

I had to update the desktop app in order to connect, even though I connected fine a few days ago. This means that they changed the cloud in a non-backward-compatible way, and now have to invalidate all preexisting desktop apps in the field.

3 years ago

I subscribed to ExpressVpn 3 months ago. My main purpose was so that I could watch and download from the BBC iPlayer while I was traveling through Asia. Recently I found that I was no longer able to access the iPlayer. I had no joy from Support. Then I was in the UK last week and while I was able to download/watch the iPlayer without a VPN I found that if I connected to ExpressVpn I was unable to access the BBC even though I was IN the UK AND using a UK location!! Reported to Support but they couldn’t resolve this issue. Basically ExpressVpn can no longer get you access to the BBC iPlayer. My request for a refund was refused.

3 years ago

Excellent service!!
Always working flawlessly with no issues.
99% has the best speeds at all locations.
Highly recommend!

Chris Tye
3 years ago

Clear simple transparent helpful explanations and they just keep getting better!

3 years ago

Waste of money.

Worked for awhile. Paid for a year in January. But it hasn’t worked efficiently for months regardless of the location. Tried what tech support suggested but still useless. So frustrating. What a waste. It looks like I will not get a refund so I’ll have this useless service until 2021,
Also Worst company I ever seen, Will take over your computer with garbage and annoing advertising.

Express VPN Popups HiJacking Web Sites as well!

Any company that Hijacks with popups any well known web site to try to force users to buy their product and blocks one from going to the page they want be allowed to operate at all? This company appears to be doing just that, this sort of behavior is totally unacceptable and why would you ever trust anyone that conducts itself in that manner.

3 years ago

I found them looking for too much information and the service was not good at all,its not really that secure or private, very unprofessional and totally wasted my time, not that stable and customer service very poor too,

3 years ago

Have been a customer for more years than I care to remember Express VPN has always been reliable and perfect for whatever my needs maybe. I’ve only ever had to contact customer service once (my fault for failing to remember my password) and they were fast acting and had me back up and running in minutes – With any VPN you get what you pay for so really they are excellent value for money – consider me a customer for life!

Noel G
3 years ago

Very reliable VIP service 🤘🏾

Luis Miguel Rodriguez
3 years ago

Good VPN, fast and reliable. Maybe the monthly service is a little expensive.

Pradip Sarkar
3 years ago

ExpressVPN is the best VPN providers for private internet access.

Aviran Zaget
3 years ago

SCAM & SPAM ALERT !!! Worst company I ever seen, Will take over your computer with garbage advertising. DO NOT INSTALL THIS VPN

3 years ago

Buggy, slow and with poor customer service

Caroline Van Ryckeghem
3 years ago

VPN was excellent
however i kept beeing charged after turning OFF autopayment. 5 times! the system has a glitch.

so as to prevent further charges, I tried to remove my cc information, but there is no easy way to remove credit card information.

Here is what the agent said as the only option to remove a credit cardd: What we need to do is to overwrite the card information on your account and change it to something that is wrong.

Livechat was very helpful and hopefully the overbilling will be reversed.

4 years ago

Huge disappointment. I had heard so many great things about it they always sit top 3 on the best of lists but I was not impressed. I was quick to cancel the subscription and move on very slow and just lags. I’m using an iPhone though maybe it’s better on a PC.

Chris Crook
4 years ago

Terrible in China if you have a third party ISP – if you have, say Broad Netcom, then the VPN will not work more often than not. Constantly getting blocked around “sensitive” dates. Their website only allows you to download UDP configurations for Tunnelblick, there are no TCP options, there are no options for additional scramble encryption either. Pretty bad for the price you pay.

David Askin
4 years ago

Totally unprofessional customer services
İ have had problems for 11 months, I have sent over 150 emails and they have not fixed my problems
Their answer to my problems-they terminate my subscription, is this really the answer? We stop having you as a customer therefore we will not address your problems=resolved, I dont think so

Shivam kumar
4 years ago

This is really a very good vpn
It have many great features like kill-switch, dns leak prevention, ipv6 leak prevention, strict no logs policy
It works very good if you wanna visit blocked sites

4 years ago

Awesome company. It lets you access any site you need in China. A big plus for expats.

4 years ago

best vpn in this world..Best security and Speed