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8.6 out of 10
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Hola free VPN Review

Review was submitted Top 5 Truly Free VPN by James Gallagher Updated at: 22nd of September, 2020

Hola is going to be one of the best VPN free online solutions if you want to have a fast and effective protection if you surf the web. The company has already received more than 348,000 reviews on Chrome Store and more than 215 million customers are already using the services provided by Hola.

The company is focusing on offering unlimited content anywhere around the world and for most of the platforms and devices you could have. This includes browsers, operative systems, TVs and gaming consoles.

Hola has entered the market to “put the power back into your hands” with support to Andorid and iOS devices. If you are searching for Free VPN for iPhone, then this can be a great solution for your needs. You can select a wide rang eof countries and start navigating the internet.

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Overall rating & rank
8.6 / 10   (#4 out of 5)
Price range
Offers support to gaming consoles Most of the features are on the premium version
You can chose the country from where you log in Is not the fastest in the market
Fast and easy installation
Free solutions
Supports large number of devices and platforms

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