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Ease to use9.0 / 5.0
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Customer reviews8.7 / 5.0
8.9 out of 10
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Hotspot Shield Review

Review was submitted Best cheap VPN by Updated at: 22nd of September, 2020

Hotspot Shield VPN is also going to be one of the fastest VPN companies in the market. The firm is a strong competitor for the HideMe VPN considering it is currently considered one of the โ€œWorldโ€™s Fastest VPNโ€ providers.

Hotspot Shield can be considered one of the best free VPN providers in the world with the solutions it is currently offering. The company is focusing on speed in order to help users surf the web without experiencing the usual delays they can have while using a VPN.

With Hotspot Shield VPN, you can also get a Free VPN for Windows and a Free VPN for iPhone. The company is offering their fast services to several platforms and devices in order to reach a larger number of users and be at the forefront of the market.

Reliability & Support
Customer reviews

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Overall rating & rank
8.9 / 10   (#7 out of 12)
$ 2.99
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Supporting languages

Pros & Cons

Privacy & security features Shorter plans are expensive
Download (and upload) VPN speeds No kill switch for iOS or Android
Logging policy, IP leak protection & jurisdiction Firestick app design needs improving
Streaming (Netflix) & torrenting availability Responded late and poorly to a 2018 server breach
Streaming (Netflix) & torrenting availability

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Will Tucker
2 years ago

waste of time…cant choose contry of vpn unless you pay….very NOT FREE

Nam Tran
3 years ago

It’s good software

3 years ago

Paid for premium cannot connect to most servers only some and keeps crashing with errors on windows pc Look elsewhere

banyan fire
3 years ago

I use it all the time. It’s very Nice.

William We
3 years ago

it works fine on microsoft edge

3 years ago

Almost perfect so I give just 4 stars

3 years ago

Decided to give it a try since it was free… Big mistake. Once it’s on your PC, it ain’t leaving. Basically a virus that gives you a really weak VPN connection. Wasn’t impressed with it TBH and was really annoyed that I’m now stuck with this thing forever. Thanks.

Mahmood Sanjrani
3 years ago

it is one the best VPN service

3 years ago

it does it’s job. i haven’t tested how well it does it but it looks like it’s working.

3 years ago

After using the Chrome extension for a couple of weeks, I suddenly got a pop-up warning from Chrome, saying: “this extension has taken control of your proxy settings, which means it can change, break, or eavesdrop on anything you do online”. Uninstalled immediately.

Aziz Ur Rehman
3 years ago

I first heard this vpn service when Paksitani Govt blocked access to youtube and facebook few years ago. This is the vpn that everyone used for free to unblock these sites.Now i have premium subscription of this vpn.Hotspot Shield team is higly skilled and educated on both development end and on support. Its one of the fastest vpn using its hydra protocol. Hotspot shield premium provides user with the best privacy and unblocks streaming services.I recommend this vpn service to people reading this review. I wish to see more amazing feature like wireguard protocol. Keep up the great work hotspot shield.

3 years ago


Magirus933 Иван (БiБi)
3 years ago

top one! recomand every one!

Danni Christensen
3 years ago

I got a message that i was running out of disk space, so i investigated
Just saw, that a log file in this app was over 170 GB.
When i tried deleting it, it would just recreate itself constantly writing massive amounts of data to my SSD each second (possibly damaging it).
I’m sure this is not intended, but never downloading again.

Mohaiminul Islam Akash
3 years ago

great transfer speed when using vpn, where as other vpns I have used tends to slower the transfer rate/Internet speed.
They should increase the number of free servers.

Jimmy Gao (Jimmy.)
3 years ago

The PC client works well, but the Edge and Chrome extension doesn’t work at all in China.

Adam Kemp
3 years ago

I got the free version and tried to connect to Canadian netflix with it. Not only did netflix pick up on it and prevent me from watching anything, but I was also blocked out from every website other than outlook web app. It came up with “(website name) unexpectedly closed the connection.”

The issue was immediately resolved when I removed and uninstalled Hotspot Shield

Johnny kurcaba sørensen
3 years ago

F.u.c.k.i.n.g. bad.
Try to get out from this scam.
Can not stop my payment to this.

Denny Chiu
3 years ago

After a couple of months, the app disappeared all of a sudden from my PC after I went on vacation for two weeks. I have uninstalled and reinstalled different versions of it, depending on whoever is answering my requests for service/help, and nothing works. The servers get stuck in one location, when it did work about 10 days for one day. All of a sudden Pango is asking for my login credentials; it never did before. Now I am totally locked out of my account and Pango Pango has three years subscription that I paid–for no VPN service for the remaining 2 years 9 months.

DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO PANGO HOTSPOT. iT LOOKS GOOD ON THE SURFACE. I think it contracts out to Third World countries for customer service, the reps have no idea what they are saying.

I was lured into thinking it would be good by the aggressive customer chat. It might work for a few weeks or even a couple of months but after that it falls apart and none of their updates does anything but cause havoc with your working life.

I’ve only connected to it once in the past three weeks.

After that I got the message that “it can’t connect to the VPN adapter. Uninstall app.”

The app is nowhere anymore on PC so I can’t uninstall it (or re-install it with any of the updated versions).

It has simply stopped working despite my tinkering it for hours, with “the help” of half a dozen of their staff.

I slapped down $110 for this. It took a dozen or so emails finally for them to refund this. It was hardly worth the hours of frustration trying to tweek this thing, send & read emails back and forth, trying to make sense of all the different new instructions.

I can’t believe this thing happens. No one would purchase VPN service is this were the norm.

There has got to be a trustworthy VPN but this is NOT it. Do your homework.

VPN den
3 years ago

Sorry to say that but one of the worst support, they simply ignoring me.

– My account manager email does not exist.
– First level support contacted at the end of Jan and got a generic reply (27 Jan) “Moving forward your case will be handled by an escalation team and they will get this email sent to the right department. They will get back to you directly as soon as possible.”
– No response since then! Even though I emailed them several times politely asking about the status.

Request number – 5327596

Radoan Ahamed
3 years ago

I am writing it with a sad mind. you know why?
because i expected they will not play like Torguard (my old vpn). But they did same.
I have a speed issue problem with Singapore server. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh and we are directly connected to singapore submarine cable. So, Singapore is our near and faster server for all vpn.
As usual i have checked my friend’s vpn and all vpn giving 20-40ms ping with singapore server. Only this one giving 150+ms. When i talked with them they wasted my 3 months and finally said they are limited and they can’t do anything.
My question why they didn’t test it first? Even i mentioned it many times. I requested to change the provider for the check they issue. They did nothing. Just replied to me wait we are working.

They were fake with me. It’s their policy to say wait we are working. But they do nothing.

They have hotstar issue. Where other all vpn fixed it within 7 days there still they are saying we are working. More than 2 months going already. Look the support team similar way. We are working.

This company merged with pango. Before the user dashboard was fine. Everything was there. Now just few. I said why i can’t see my packages and my payment invocie or others services i am using. They said they can see and they are fixing it. But doing nothing. Why?
This company merged around 7/8 months ago and still saying working. Fake na?!

Who wanna use it for work they don’t trust them at all. You will loss. Depending on them and trust them is totally foolish thing. I am suffering it.
Vpn offers gone and now i am in trouble. Lifetime vpn was at very cheap rate. but now i have to pay high. But nothing to do.

Now waiting for them who is coming to reply me and see what they say..
Keep on eyes here if you wanna know more about them.

3 years ago

I had a lifetime account for years purchased through the actual company website, they have since merged with and now my lifetime account is gone. They are asking me to pay again for the same service just months prior I had full access to. I can still log into my account no problems. Soon as I try to use my paid for lifetime account it states I need to purchase a “basic” plan. I had a premium plan that was good and used for years. I was logged in and changed my password within the last six months and now since the merge they stripped my premium account status with lifetime benefits. Guess “lifetime” of the company” applies. Oh and I asked them to update my email address on file and they will not even communicate with me. All of my troubleshooting request are ignored.

3 years ago

I checked these reviews before buying this premium service and everything looked good. Everything worked fine for 1 day. The next day I opened the app and it said ‘Something went wrong, we are working to fix this’ no matter how long this is left it never works. The only way to use the software is to delete and redownload every day, which is ridiculous. I even tried to talk to customer service who asked non-relevant questions, They don’t know how to fix it the software is simply broken.

3 years ago

I use this VPN every day and it’s good for work, travel, and safe to use in many countries. Highly recommend.

3 years ago

Works well, great product!

Tony Lin
3 years ago

Works great. In addition to unblocking Netflix, Hulu, etc, it’s faster than all the other vpn’s I’ve tried (Nord, express, CyberGhost, surfshark). I tried all of them and HotspotShield is the best so far. Definitely recommend!

Mike C.
3 years ago

Great VPN and excellent customer service!!

3 years ago

Great VPN! Works as advertised. Had no problems using it. Great just great!

Nestor Icaza
3 years ago

Delivered exactly what I needed. Works every time and easy to use. I would highly recommend as a VPN.

Annie Bleier
3 years ago

This is a Great Product. Great support. Great VPN works for netflix great!!! Glad I got it!

3 years ago

Awesome product, works as advertised! Great customer support! Really appreciate developers who care about their product. Will recommend this to ALL my friends and family!

3 years ago

Best VPN on the market. After using Hotspot Shield for several months, I can say its incredibly fast, reliable and overall the best VPN for Mac and PC. I’ve used few other VPNs, and none of them are as fast as Hotspot Shield. Fast, simple and easy to use.

3 years ago

Best VPN in the market — used it for casting movies while traveling and also censorship in the UAE.


Ylber Roka
3 years ago

One of the coolest VPNs out there.

Pranab Sachi
3 years ago

Great vpn! it’s fast reliable and works when i need it. i’ve tried a few others that i uninstaled eventually but i’ve had hotspot shiedl for a few months now and works great

Sougata Mitra
3 years ago

Great VPN Service, HBO and Hulu fan here, super nice to have those unlocked!

Trevor Singh
3 years ago

Great VPN service, I’ve been very impressed with the speed. It unblocks Hulu and other services well. Would definitely recommend!

Navid Bakhshayesh
3 years ago

I didn’t think it would be as good as it was, I was really surprised.
This is the fastest, most secure VPN ever! When it comes to VPNs you are bombarded with so many different choices on the app store and it can be hard to pick the right one, it is usually the process of trial and error which helps you pick the right one. The bottom line it’s simple and easy to use, it does what it says it does and that is what makes it special.

Succulents and Plants
3 years ago

awesome!! i’ve tried other VPNs before (expressVPN, nordVPN, etc) but have always had trouble with them working reliably and there’s nothing more annoying than coming home from work and looking forward to watching your show, then BAM, vpn problem. Been using this one for almost 2 months and haven’t run into any major issues yet (will come update if i do)

Young Modulus
3 years ago

Very easy to set up. I had no problem when it came to streaming content. Highly recommend this VPN

3 years ago

Signed up a few weeks ago and it’s working like a charm. Great for streaming my tv shows and movies. Super fast and easy to use.

3 years ago

Untrustworthy Company!
I just discovered by chance that Hotspot Shield has been billing my credit card for months. I didnt even know that this company exists! The company is refusing to refund me the sums charged, although they can not provide any proof of the legality of the debit or the existence of a subscription. I warn of any association with this company!

3 years ago

I bought the Premium few days ago and have started using it, but my friend is a professional coder and it was a problem with pictures loading on charter bus & limo USA booking website. We’ve checked the console in developer mode of the browser and found the SSL error. As a result, it turned out that it substitutes root certificates and transfers all traffic in unencrypted form, which means that all my data and passwords have been compromised. I highly recommend this VPN service. This review is the result of an investigation by a professional millionaire programmer with 18 years of experience.

Filip Kiil
3 years ago

They have made several withdrawals from my account without my authorization. It is seems impossible to unsubscribe. Cannot access my account to cancel auto-renewal of my ‘premium’ membership, which I never, ever wanted to have. I am p*ssed and feel completely and utterly f*cked over

Manu Varghese
4 years ago

awful experience …they just want to take your money

SilverGamer484 Productions
4 years ago

I installed on my Android phone and then I turned the hotspot shield VPN on and showed me that I only can get 30 minute usage, why they would not increase that to like 2 hours and watch an ad for 30 seconds and then get more hours, I AM NEVER INSTALLING THIS GARAGE EVER AGAIN, Stay away from hotspot shield, they old let you use 30 minutes per day

Brandy Martin
4 years ago

Good app for streaming content. Use it to watch YT and Netflix while on vacation. Worked great.

4 years ago

Average VPN, however, the trial is not a trial – it is meant to scam people into auto-renew subscriptions when the trial cannot be easily (or at all – waiting for support) ended.


as it intentionally misleads/scams people.

Hassan Iqbal
4 years ago

Fraudulent company -Stay away

I cancelled my while I was in the trial period however a few days later , they try to charge my card for the subscrption.

Also I asked them to delete my account and data but no one replied.

Never ever trust them with your card details. Better to report them to the authorities.

OneDirtyHarry 72
4 years ago

I am disgusted with these people. The software worked for a week and then the auto update loaded 8.0.0 version and it failed to work. I have contacted them 3 times and still nothing! I was even in the 45 day window for a refund and they are avoiding dealing with me. They literally stole my money and are proud of their business practice. Shame on them.

Peter Campbell
4 years ago

Somehow this software got on my new Dell Laptop, and then I ran into some browsing limit and all my internet access was blocked, but
I could have deblocked it by paying for a monthly plan.

I have now uninstalled it. Extremely bad experience, probably not
ethical business practice as well. AVOID !

Joshua Perilo
4 years ago

Servers are a bit slow. But it works when its needed.

André Alves
4 years ago

you cant delete your account,

there is no info on the website regarding this mater, and if contact them they say you don’t have a premium account so they don’t answer.

overall shady company.

Lisa Ashey
4 years ago

It looks great, but is pretty expensive as for a VPN. Still, it works.

John Kopp
5 years ago

hotspot leads you to believe that you can cancel your subscription at any time but if you want to cancel your credit card windows subscription I have yet to discover a way after a 3hr online search .

Møffe Olesen
5 years ago

I dont know how good of a VPN it is, but its not free as promised on the website.

5 years ago

For me, using the service from Chumphon, Thailand, is a joke. The speeds for any and all VPN locations is too slow to stream anything. Sure, if you want to read a text website, it would work. But since when are text websites using geolocation to block viewership? Since never. The real service is video streaming, and hotspotshield is just too slow to provide this.
I always know when Hotspotshield accidentally turns itself on, because none of my websites load. It’s pathetic really. I paid for 1 year, and can’t use this ‘service’. I mainly wanted to use it to watch TV while abroad ( etc)
It also does work ok with torrents, where the slowdown is not as noticeable, though I barely use torrents myself.
I have a great wired Internet, 50 Mbs download, 20 upload, and it is exactly that when I test my speed. Doing a speed test when hotspot shield is on is a joke (again), the speedtest reports way lower speeds than even shown on hotspotshield interface (which are dismal at best).
Don’t buy it, unless all you need is to browse the web with no video/audio, or for torrenting.
Plus, if you get a yearly subscription you’ll still be getting ads, namely their advertisements for a ‘lifetime subscription’. Thanx, I’ll pass.

Jessie W
6 years ago

pretty appalled at the news, but not particularly surprised. Free vpns are known for sharing user info.

freedom alkovits
6 years ago

I never liked this VPN provider and after this news, i hope they will lose more and more customers! FTC Complaint Alleges Hotspot Shield Collects User Data! The VPN was also found to inject JavaScript codes using iframes for advertising and tracking purposes

6 years ago

How you could trust VPN provider which sells your activities to advertisers

Christian Ball
6 years ago

I have been using Hotspot shield for around 4 years now but only recently upgraded to the Hotspot Shield Elite package that they offer. As somebody who often needs a reliable VPN service I can safely say you cant go wrong with them.

Kevin Dong
6 years ago

This VPN is pretty often a pain if you are on a blocked network (ex. Fortiguard) it also blocks the VPN itself.
Also, turning off this VPN takes ages, since you cannot do so from your device settings, so you are forced to see an advertisement before turning off the VPN.

Aidin Naemi
6 years ago

the best of best

Mark Morado
7 years ago

Cool Cool Cool Cool

Avi Rath
7 years ago

Honest to god this is the best free vpn app there is. Non-intrusive, fast and secure. What more could you ask for. Of course the paid version you get to choose your desired virtual locations which to me is also worth the money. Of course I use the free version because I’m a student and I’m dirt poor.

TonnaLynn Lott
7 years ago

Thank you for a great HotSpot VPN app!

Please Buy Thank
7 years ago

top application vpn

Zahrat Khourcha
7 years ago

it works npizjdvnemjzondmjoendmcjn

Susan Pennock
7 years ago

This product lives up to it’s name.

Biswaranjan Roy
7 years ago

Fabulous and working application ๐Ÿ™‚

7 years ago

very helpful

John Reamer
7 years ago

you have done a great job, and i like using it, makes me feel safe on line


Benjamin C. Uldall
7 years ago

The “free” vpn software is not free at all!
A purchase is required if you want to use this service, not that this information is on their website, so you will have to install their service in the good faith that it´s free, and the only disadvantage is the ads – WRONG!!
You cannot use this unless you pay.

7 years ago

its quick,easy.and powerful

Arash Maham
7 years ago

perfect,hi speed & safe

7 years ago

i like hotspot. thxxx

Mego Nego
7 years ago


7 years ago

nice nice nice nice app

7 years ago

I’m in the middle east so this is good

Uraw Blaise
7 years ago

hotspotshield is unbeatable since started using it but at times i really dont have access to the site that i wanted completely.

7 years ago

good i guese just check it out

7 years ago

help my people to use popular media in my country

William Major
7 years ago

its a nice feeling knowing your not being snooped on , piece of cake to use ,looks nice , works everytime… .great product !

7 years ago

Easy, Light and Fast.

Pablo Chox
7 years ago

I tried other extensions like this, but this overcome other ones.
I like that this extension would be free, but well.

7 years ago

good good good good

bilal ahmed
7 years ago

The performance of Hotspotshield is very Good. I like this software very much.

Long Võ
7 years ago

awesome !!!!!!!!!

Danny Contreras
7 years ago

It’s very easy to use, it works every time you need it!

Mr fawaz alhadi
7 years ago

goooooooooood vere

7 years ago

We have tested a VPN vendor, which has a special relationship with US authorities and secret services: HotspotShield.

There were of course many questions, why one offer a VPN service as anonymization, but which is quite openly supported by US secret service circles. This requires understanding the logic. Many citizens in the US continue to think that the authorities want to do good things for them, and undoubtedly this is true. Whether we as Europeans want to trust this after all the information we have since Edward Snowdens documents about this also a service, is another question!
“The Hotspotshield users trust in the protection of foreigners’ privacy by US authorities.”

This is why this review differs a little from our usual format. We have also received no technical answers to our written inquiries to Hotspotshield. Much of what we could discover has confirmed our assumptions. There are clear connections to US intelligence NSA and the FBI! And in the end, every user should be aware of the potential of “monitoring”
Looking at the responsible managers of HotspotShield, the proximity and connections with the US authorities reveals:

Alec Ross
He was a technological advisor to Hillary Clinton when she was a member of the US government and at that time also supported the attempt and start of international surveillance on the Internet by the NSA directly with the US government.
Reed E. Hundt
He was chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission under Bill Clinton as President of the US and thus presumably significantly involved in the expansion of the NSA surveillance measures at that time.
Dr. Peter Hoag
He was also a co-founder of a CIA subsidiary, Cardinal Technologies , which sought technological unification of data transmissions in the US networks. Cardinal Technologies was also a consultant to some US-friendly governments in Europe and is probably still working for US-based intelligence services.
Kevin Cook
He is still in the management of the Barracuda Network , which became known through their “backdoors” on the hard drives and firewall ingloriously.
Rick Roth
Is known as a national adviser to the US authorities for corporate networks in the USA and is regarded as a liaison between national interests and corporate interests in the USA.
Doug Maine
He worked for IBM as a financial manager. IBM itself is known for the cooperation with US authorities also became international espionage and was banished from China among other things.
Greg Coleman
He has worked in a number of US-based corporations in senior editorial offices such as AOL, Huffington Post, and some online media houses, all of which provide US government-friendly reporting, as well as public opinion, as well as circumvention of government encryption.

Reference : All persons are also listed as managers and managers of the operating company ” – Team ” of HotSpotShield.

The list of allegedly “US government delegates” to Hotspotshield could be extended even further. It is rather unlikely to assume that all of these people have suddenly committed themselves to protecting the privacy and anonymity of international users. A public stand for “freedom and democracy” does not necessarily mean a respectful approach to the privacy of non-US citizens. What is meant by freedom, whether this is only for US citizens or for each user is to use the hotspotshield, remains unclear. Even if many of these people state this as the main argument for your commitment yourself!

The “Goldman Sachs Group” finances the company!
Anyone who installs HotspotShield may also become part of the “US strategy for international surveillance on the Internet”.
Hotspotshield can also be called
“Trojans with voluntary self-installation of the users!”

What sounds ironic at first sight, however, has a serious background. Because the technical components of the service allow it to monitor the users much better than without the use of the case. With allegedly 400 million installations on PC`s worldwide, Hotspotshield can be a quite interesting factor in the strategy to monitor the entire world on the Internet!
Technical conditions also allow targeted monitoring.

In our test, we have installed the application on a specially prepared Windows PC. In addition to the usual VPN connection certificates, access certificates were also installed. In this case it would be technically possible to connect to the user’s PC without warning or to send different data to decoded servers without being requested. The data transmission would be encrypted as well, and the user can hardly provide any proof of this.

The communication of the company suggests protection of one’s privacy, anonymity and security! It is important, however, that potential users are also aware of the dangers that may arise.
Freedom and protection for Turkish oppositionists! But turns out to be a Trojan horse with US support! Possibly to consciously undermine freedom of expression!

Particularly bad in our view, it is also, since Hotspotshield in the last years also massively and specifically in Turkey was advertised. This should obviously lead to government-critical activists to trust this service. As a Turkish journalist recently reported on Twitter, he was charged with government criticism and he had always used Hotspotshield.

“Turkish authorities detain VOA & BBC reporters, adding to 145 journalists already in jails in Turkey -world’s largest prison for journalists Twitter ”

Meanwhile, however, the use of Hotspotshield within Turkey has been blocked.

7 years ago

Best VPN Ever

7 years ago


7 years ago

Hotspotshield can help me to reach all website….

Zuvlukhbaatar Khasbaatar
7 years ago

It’s Very good software

7 years ago

It is very good

Fereydoun Sohrabi Hojeghan
7 years ago

Hotspot is best software for unblocking bloked sites.

7 years ago

it is amazing i love it

7 years ago

best vpn proxy

Mr. H.R.
7 years ago

i’ll tell you more later…

Erwin Jah Nam
7 years ago

owsome p

Ramez A. Elia
7 years ago

I like hotspotshield because of its minimal intrusive design and reliability

Edith Berry Rodriguez
7 years ago

love it, it cool i will like to have more improve of it asasaaa

Hoàng Tâm
7 years ago

It’s very nice !

Ritu Singh
7 years ago

Nice! Really loving the tool ๐Ÿ™‚ Really appreciate, using for our clients. Big thanks for keeping this as user-friendly as possible

Sergei Qatest
7 years ago

Share your experiences
and be a part of our community. It couldn’t be easier – with your Trustpilot account you can write, edit and share your reviews from one convenient location.!!!

Connor Pickens
7 years ago


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easy to use and open interested site

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Salman Abram
7 years ago

beautiful proxy plug to link active

Schouten John
7 years ago

It’s so nice using Hotspotshield

Pacha Wangu
7 years ago

i would recommend this company to anyone

Filipe Freitas
7 years ago

works perfectly’m using the free version and I have to complain about. The extension for chrome is excellent.

Aritra Das
7 years ago

This is a really awesome app.

Albi Dajti
7 years ago

The best vpn i ever see.It’s fast and easy to use it.
5 stars for this vpn ๐Ÿ™‚

Mor Teza
7 years ago

Thanks for free vpn.
iran here

Joao Jenusik Pereira Vieira
7 years ago

excellent i ould seiusly recommend this company to everyone

7 years ago

great stuff

Oliver Smith
7 years ago

Hot Spot Shield allows you to access country specific websites without any problems. I find this much easier to use than Hola Better Internet, and this works for every single site I have tried to access that I can’t access without it.

Wisnu Supangat
7 years ago

only the best
nothing else

Ibn Libya Alahmer
7 years ago

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Ana A Ana
7 years ago

it’s nice but it takes some ime to work

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7 years ago

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Carlos A Pellot
7 years ago

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Fayyaz Ahmad
7 years ago

Hotspotshield is a great gift for web users

7 years ago

Truely i use several vpn but hotsportshield vpn is the most power vpn in the word.

Lalit Chopra
7 years ago

satisfactory experience

Walid Monopol
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Aman Sharma
7 years ago

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walid _tv
7 years ago

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Krishnendu Pal
7 years ago

The Most Useful Extension After Adblock For Me.. Even I Can Browse With This Extension When VPN Softwares Like OpenVPN, Spotflux Fails..

Romero Marin
7 years ago

easy and dose what it should….

7 years ago

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Russel Galicto
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7 years ago

speed, stable, recommend to my friends

Zeeshan Khan
7 years ago

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Ahmed Alwaleed Hussein
7 years ago

please speed it up

akshit reddy
7 years ago

best possible extension available for this job

Sp Dewa
7 years ago

There are some places on the web I usually log to, but somehow I can’t go to the web address, it was block by the internet provider, they says the web which I usually go was prohibited, and that is why I’m using the VPN Proxy to unblock it and it works.

Syed Mohsin
7 years ago

great app…

Tomáš Petržilka
7 years ago

Awesome app!

Alfie Tse
7 years ago

very good app; fast and smooth!

Matthew J. Day
7 years ago

its aight havent used long

Lonesome Dove
7 years ago

I have being using Hotspotshield for about 2 years. I have an account which is bill every three months. This charge doesn’t hurt my bank account. I considered it to be reasonable. This is the Elite Version. Upon this I’m very interesting in computers and laptops. It provide true protection and hide your location from hijackers. I’m not speaking good of the company. I’m speaking from personal experiences and the confident I feel using it. By the way, it also let you have a free download for Chrome that work awesome. Try it and see if you don’t love it. Forget paying high prices for hotspot protection and security when you alway from home.

Mohamed Laayouni
7 years ago

it’s truly wonderful

young glossy
7 years ago

reaqlly good app 100%free

Quinn Gibbons
7 years ago


Fernando Vázquez
7 years ago

Easy to use and very helpful. I just love it

Anonymous Blogger
7 years ago

Super app it works somehow perfect to open blocked sites like torrent websites and others.

7 years ago

For those times where you need a VPN, this is a very useful tool, at no cost. Easy to use and always available in your tool bar. A well designed and easy to access tool.

Adam Christ Emmanuel
7 years ago

the Best of internet

Muahid Mansoor
7 years ago

This is great for chrome with all the issues

Emmanuel Tabones
7 years ago

Been using it for awhile to little or no issues.

Yusuf Yusufii
7 years ago

I love HSS, its the best VPN

Navneet Singh
7 years ago


Jack Zijien
7 years ago

TRY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omid Malekan
7 years ago

i really like it…

Rahim Djeffal
7 years ago

Thnx for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Billy J Houston
7 years ago

It is the simplest to use and setup vpn service I know

Arash Rash
7 years ago

good until now .as yesterday started to on and off .i really hope it’s network problems not hotspotshield

Robert Edward Shorter
7 years ago

For when you need to use a good Hotspot.

Zara Khan
7 years ago

awesome hai bht awla

Arsham Javaheri
7 years ago

i m really happy .. its free and great … i appreciate coz u giving this great vpn and service to users

Vighdheesh Segar
7 years ago

Allows me to visit any web page I need.

7 years ago

Thanks a lot. I improved my performance with this

7 years ago

fast and easy

Hans Surf
7 years ago

thanks for a very good idea,so i can look all the musik,i like

7 years ago

it is reliable excellent tool

Mohammad Mehregan
7 years ago

The best proxy for Iran

7 years ago

Hotspotshield is the best and fastest VPN around

7 years ago

Try it you can feel better

nasser elshehri
7 years ago

not bad good, i can depend on it.

7 years ago

A very good extension

Giorgi Tsomaia
7 years ago

easy to use and very comfortable!

7 years ago

Slight problems while streaming videos but overall its great.

7 years ago

SO much easier than similar apps, without constant nag screens and popups. Stable & fast it gets the job done. I can now unblock sites, games I couldn’t access previously whether I’m at school or trying to bypass geo-filters. Thanks Hotspot shield!

7 years ago

THeir China server is located in German. But it can cross through all the China-IP-detection.(Listen, I mean it. ALL!!! ALL of them!!!)
I used to purchase it and refund it. THe staff is very nice.
Very good VPN!
Free user will have advertisements, but now they have changed the method, For IOS user, you can choose to watch a 30 seconds advertisement and get 3 hours elite time…That is super awesome!
And they have lots of the language version.
it is not perfect because you can’t choose city, but only the country… But the price is pretty good. now they have $100 lifetime deal. Someone need to try it!

7 years ago

Be carefull!!!
Problematic software.

Jack C
7 years ago

As of one week ago, BBC is no longer available using Hotspotshield. I have tried all the usual strategies such as clearing my history and rebooting, etc., but nothing works.
Any suggestions?

8 years ago

This app is easy and fast to use. It’ll give you private access to unblock sites and apps wherever you are.

8 years ago

I was talking with friend and we wanted to access some games online but the ping was sky-rocketing through the roof. We thought a vpn would help reduce that so we tries Hotspotshield and behold, it worked like a charm. We can finally play the game in peace from anywhere in the world by just clicking the virtual location of the server I want ๐Ÿ™‚

8 years ago

I was scared of using VPNs to access blocked content because i thought they would be very complicated. But it turns out Hotspot Shield is extremely easy to use and also very user-friendly. All you have to do is download and switch it on! I would recommend it to everyone, especially those who are less tech-savvy, like myself.

8 years ago

It is truly the best software to access any blocked content while protecting my privacy. It can’t be easier to use this amazing technology. All I have to do is one click to turn it on.

8 years ago

It’s so easy to hack computers while using public hotspots so I always use Hotspot Shield while I’m travelling. Privacy is worth protecting so definitely use this app!

Travis D
8 years ago

Hotspot Shield comes highly recommended, both the basic free version if you choose, or even more the Elite version, with its nine virtual locations. The speeds are excellent, and are nearly as fast as my regular Internet connection, even at peak hours. For privitizing and masking your true location around the web, services like these are a must. If you are looking for an easily affordable option, you can go right with Hotspot Shield, and even more fabulously right with Hotspot Shield Elite.

Malaika Awan
8 years ago

Hotspot Shield is the only app I expected to do. Using it, I can browse restricted websites in Pakistan such as Youtube, Redtube. And also, I can stream TV shows without any problems. The speed is very fast and reliable. I can access anything securely while in public hotspot, such as Mall or public park. Hotspot Shield gives me options to choose IP from UK, US, Japan, etc. I love this feature. Highly recommended !!

Danvers Baillieu
8 years ago

This service is not that good as you only get a small selection of servers and they don’t work with a lot of video sites.

Cassandra Kashmira
8 years ago

This app works like a dream.Easy to use, works effectively, good free options and cheap subscriptions. Flawless connection with fast speed. Access blocked content such as Netflix US, Pandora, BBC iplayer etc. No other app has ever made me this happy. Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed

Charles David
8 years ago

It’s a superb app. You get a direct access in hiding your IP address and it also remove all internet limits.
All who are hunting for a app that just hides their IP address, then HotSpot Shield is the right and perfect match for you.

Thomas Burton
8 years ago

I never thought that it is possible to stay secured even if I am connected to public wifi for countless times. Good thing I’ve got to know Hotspot Shield. It is definitely great as it allows me to surf the net anonymously while keeping my IP address hidden. This makes me protected against any attack of hackers. Hotspot Shield is indeed a total security!

8 years ago

This is app is very helpful specially when visiting sites which are exclusive only to certain countries. It’s also a great help in my online security and data when using a public wi-fi ๐Ÿ™‚ must try !

Lau Kit Ying
8 years ago

It is good for hiding IP address. I can use it when I have to travel to China effectively.

8 years ago

I use Hotspot Shield for one thing and it does it well – access US sites when I’m not in the US and UK sites when I’m not in the UK. Simple as that.

Also, their paid service is one of the cheaper ones out there, if you ever need the extra features.

Maria Henry
8 years ago

This one is what I was looking for. Just complete set of all the problems I was facing !


UK lover
8 years ago

I am not a tech expert and I didn’t know what a vpn was. I just wanted to watch the UK tv and I was not able to do it from the US. Then, a friend of mine told me to try Hotspotshield and now I can finally watch the Top Gear, BBC and all my favourite other programs I was used to watch in London! Thank you very much guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

Michael Geer
8 years ago

I travel a lot and need to be able to safely connect on many WiFi connections. With Hotspot Shield I can do that securely.

9 years ago

Really allows you to virtually be anywhere in the world and get all content! Pretty straight forward to use and subscribe to their newsletter to get discounts on yearly plans.

9 years ago

I’ve been using on my smart phone. It does the job it says: protect me when I use Wi-Fi hotspots and mask my identity.
These days, hackers everywhere I feel. The app is easy to use, pretty fast to connect, and that’s it. I can just leave it on and feel safer at the cafe I often work.
Good work!

9 years ago

While there are plenty of VPN options available, Hotspot Shield gives me quite a decent speed and protection. Some other shows aren’t available when other vpn programs had been connected but Hotspot Shield works awesome on etc. I highly recommend it.

Rafay Butt
9 years ago

I am from Pakistan. A lot of websites have been blocked here by govt. which are useful for us including YouTube. But ladies and gentleman HOTSPOT SHIELD is the solution to everything as far as is concerned. Have been using this software for years and let me tell you it is super awesome. The best VPN i have ever used. Highly recommended!

9 years ago

If you want to access the Internet securely no matter where you are in the world, this is the easiest VPN to use. Hotspot Shield makes me feel much better when I’m traveling in places that might monitor or censor the Internet and lets me keep up with my favorite shows and clips via sites like Hulu and Netflix. It’s free version is great and premium (which I use personally) even better. I don’t think any traveler should go anywhere without Hotspot Shield

Liz M.
9 years ago

With identity theft on the rise and the ability to access public WiFi becoming ever easier, it’s more and more important to secure internet connections. Hotspot Shield is so easy to use, can be installed on virtually any device and gives me complete peace of mind that I’m maintaining a private and secure browsing experience. I’ve been using it for several months now on my phone and on my laptop when I travel. Airports and hotels are notorious for packet sniffers so I feel A LOT safer now using Hotspot Shield.

9 years ago

I go often abroad for work and with Hotspotshield I can access BBC videos also in the USA. Plus I have discovered it also protects me from malware! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would definitely recommend it.

9 years ago

Pros : It works really well on all my devices. Computer,tablet and phone, very easy to use !
Cons : I’ll have to renew my subscription ๐Ÿ™‚

9 years ago

I would say that Hotspot Shield’s success comes from commitment to privacy and internet security. Their VPN is great and I would recommend it to colleagues.

9 years ago

Wow! I hope you know that Hotspot Shield is a lifesaver! Want to know why and how?
I was just researching online and trying to find the best solution for me. I went through many trial VPNs,
but couldn’t find one that worked for me. I started to follow the ratings and started from 1 and
suddenly stopped at 6 as hotspot shield, my life saver was there at #6.
In short, i installed Hotspot Shield VPN and was able to access facebook and youtube in less than 1
minute. I was surprised that I found a VPN that worked! Unlike the other VPNs I tried, Hotspot Shield
had unlimited bandwidth and the ability to choose 4 different virtual locations (US, UK, Australia, Japan).
I’m not sure why Hotspot Shield VPN was rated #6, but I’m pretty sure should be high compared to
others. It is generally a popular VPN as it allows you to secure your connection. Here are my pros and
Secure connection
Able to go on unrestricted US sites
Easy installation
Good streaming
Unlimited data transfer
Intrusive advertising
Slow surfing
In my opinion, Hotspot Shield is the #1 VPN for me & I’m spreading the word. Trust me you will be

Alican Ulke
9 years ago

As a traveling consulting, working across many continents, I can no longer survive without Hotspotshield… You would be surprised how many websites are either banned or heavily corrupted in many countries. Hotspotshield completely eliminates the effects of the geographic location I am in when using the internet and makes me feel like I’m at the comfort of my own home. Not having to worry about my computer getting bombarded with viruses and spam is also a great plus. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.

Efe Oztekin
9 years ago

Hotspot Shield is a neat little piece of software that’s transformed the way I see public WiFi networks. As an avid traveler, Hotspot Shield has saved me tons of money and made me feel secure while doing it. Great product!

9 years ago

I frequently travel and use Hotspot Shield to get access to US-only streaming web-content and news. Facebook occasionally depending if it’s blocked or not. Highly recommend it!

9 years ago

Hotspot Shield is simply a must have app for travelers. Here are the reasons why I use Hotspot Shield when I travel:
1) It encrypts my Internet communications, thereby, protecting my privacy and preventing hackers from stealing my data when using public WiFi.
2) It enables me to unblock any website that is otherwise blocked by the local ISP.
3) It protects my device from malware websites
4) It compresses data so I save money on bandwidth cost for my iPhone device

There’s a free version, but I don’t like to see the ads. So I use the Elite version, which costs me only a few months a month.

10 years ago

Very easy to install and use, and now I am able to watch US TV shows in the UK. Hotspot Shield also provides peace of mind when connecting to public WiFi hot-spots as all traffic is encrypted and it blocks over 3.5 million malware websites before they can compromise your computer. Furthermore unlike other VPN services there are no bandwidth restrictions. Because of this I would definitely recommend Hotspot Shield.

Li Bo
10 years ago

It really sucks that we do not have Netflix over here, but with Hotspot Shield I can stil access everything I want. Great tool, wouldn’t want to live without it anymore

10 years ago

I liked it because it’s FREE. Then I found I can pay to access UK sites and remove the ads on top of the screen. Awesome choice!
If you don’t mind ads and OK just US IPs, free may be good. Otherwise, it’s good value to upgrade.

10 years ago

I’ve been looking around for a really good VPN that I don’t have to spend money on. I found Hotspot Shield through a Google search and I can say I’m very pleased with it. There’s a paid version that doesn’t have ads and has extra malware protection, but the frugal person that I am…I think I’ll stick to free :). Highly recommend this app to everyone

10 years ago

Hotspot Shield provides a secure connection and an IP address in one of their server locations. That’s all you need to access content in America while abroad.

Sometimes, I need to reconnect a couple of times – would have given 5 stars otherwise.

10 years ago

I’ve been using Hotspot Shield for a little over a year now and never had a problem with it. I had initially subscribed to their service to get access to Netflix and Pandora since I frequently travel abroad. After I got the service, I found out that it also secures my connection at unsecured public WiFi networks, which was a bonus benefit for a frequent traveler as myself. The speeds are quite fast and I’m able to watch movies on Netflix without any slow down. It’s probably the best VPN out there.

Wandering Yuppie
10 years ago

I’ve been using Hotspost Shield now for more than a month and it has been wonderful.

I feel secured browsing websites and making online purchases and payments now that I have Hotspot Shield installed in my laptopn and in my Android phone.

10 years ago

Hotspot Shield is easy to use, has a good free version, and a better paid version, and is really handy for both privacy and getting round regional restrictions (e.g. Hulu).
I’ve tried the program on both Mac OSX and Windows 7 & 8, and all three have had a great experience with the application. It’s fast to run/load, and connects the VPN in a good time, with a good connection speed.
Well worth it!

Ammaar Shaukat Reshi
10 years ago

I’ve been using Hotspot Shield for a couple of years now and it is probably one of my favorite programs on the PC. Not only does it make sure I browse the web securely, but it also unlocks websites that may otherwise have been blocked in my region. Sometimes ISPs block websites like YouTube but Hotspot Shield makes it easy to bypass this and access content on the website. Sometimes when I’m travelling the content I am used to having access to is also not available in the region, Hotspot Shield makes it easy to get access back.

The program is completely free too! Sure there are advertisements with the free version, but for as little as £3 a month, I can upgrade to the elite version and access it on all of my devices. Hotspot Shield on iOS also has a very neat feature that allows you to browse the web faster by compressing pages – which is perfect if you’re on your mobile data plan! The support is great as well. Overall superb software, highly recommended.

Chelsea Nicole
10 years ago

I travel a ton and am always worried about getting hacked on those shady open WiFi spots around hotels and airports. Hotspot Shield puts my mind at ease so I don’t have to stress over my credit card info and other important personal details being stolen off my computer.

Tesa Nicolanti
10 years ago

Hotspot Shield has a number of fantastic features to help make online shopping and surfing safe including annoymous web surfing, the ability to hide your IP address, the ability to unblock websites while at work, private & secure browsing, and wifi security. As someone who likes to shop online it gives me peace of mind to know my information is safe when I’m buying items online. I also like that it offers malware protection so I don’t have to worry as much about clicking links that might lead to malware.

Darren Anderson
10 years ago

I love Hotspot. It allows me to stay safe while using untrusted Wifi. I don’t have to worry anymore about sending email or access social network accounts at coffee shops etc. It works great. I also use it on my phone in the same situations.

Peggy Friedman Chenoweth
10 years ago

I have never had any problems with the service, and I love the security that the VPN offers.

Dave Cryer
10 years ago

I have known Hotspot Shield (and the company behind it) for some time now. The service is well priced, easy to install and use on various devices and helps users to protect themselves online. As an ambassador, I feel confident recommending them.

Cherise Przyby Kachelmuss
10 years ago

I like the concept of this program and it works just great for me!

Gerome Potter Concepcion
10 years ago

I use hotspot shield to watch some Videos from Netflix and any other website that has restriction.

Also hotspot shield always protect me from any malware out there everytime i connect to public wifi so hotspot shield is the number 1 vpn for me