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VyprVPN Review

Review was submitted Best cheap VPN by Updated at: 22nd of September, 2020

VyprVPN is the VPN services provider that is currently offering users the possibility to keep control over their information and data. At the moment they are offering a wide range of services and it can also be considered one of the best VPN for Android devices.

If you are at home or on the go, VyprVPN will be allowing you to browse more and worry less about the issues that could affect your data and information. Hackers and stealers are waiting as soon as people get connected to public networks to get valuable data and information that could be used for malicious activities.

Thus, knowing what is VPN and using at least a Free VPN for Android (or any other smartphone you have) would certainly put you in a much safer situation than to other users.

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9.0 / 10   (#6 out of 12)
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Pros & Cons

Easy-to-use services Offers Short 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee compared to 45 days in other sites
Serves over 2 million users around the world Provides little information about its services and solutions
One of the best VPN for Android
Unlimited Streaming
Fast and Reliable Connections

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3 years ago

Service is real good and the servers are up to the standard.

Robert Schuttenhelm
3 years ago

In 2019, I tried to cancel the Vypr service and auto pay. I could not find the online cancellation method; i was buried somewhere on their “two different website shell game” platforms (how convenient). So I sent a cancellation email to support. Two days later they sent me an “aw come on, do you really want to cancel” email. I was infuriated at this point and demanded immediate cancellation without further dialogue and a refund. I assumed at that point that my demand would be met but—Two more days passed and they sent another email asking me for the last four numbers of my credit card (which they obviously had on file because they were still billing for a service that was not functional). I found that third 2019 email in 2020 when they charged my credit card AGAIN! They billed to an old credit card that I put in the dormant card file, and I was notified by my credit card company that their $99.99 charge to my old card had acquired two months of late fees (now $172).

Back and forth with Vypr customer support again 10 times, trying to get them to do the right thing and refund both 2019 and 2020. For the 2019 refund, they tried peddling some crap about how their card processor could not process a refund, they have limited resources to answer support questions in a timely fashion, their third request for my credit card number was for verification and my protection. In fact, they were doing all they could to avoid processing the cancellation and continue their fraudulent charging policy (for my protection, yeah right). I went back to the credit card company and filed a fraudulent charge report for the 2020 charge, and after it was honored, I contacted them again and said “hey, by the way they also charged me in 2019”. The credit card company refunded a total of $272- two years of unauthorized Vypr charges and late fees. They also changed my card number so I don’t ever have to worry about Vypr again. DON’T DO IT!!

Marion Haftel
3 years ago

I have used this service for year. I used to really love the customer service. That has gone downhill significantly. First of all a bot answers first. What the bot had to say did not help. A bot answered again when I was not helped. What the bot had to offer still did not help. I then got a person, who told me to go to renew.this is far unlike whenever I have had problems in the past. When my year comes up to renew, I will be looking for a VPN that has better customer service which VYP VPN used to have. His name was Henry, if anybody from VYPER happens to bother to read this.

3 years ago

Vyprvpn since its version 3 is a good VPN service, has several advantages over others that should be appreciated and gives stability and security authority:
– Intuitive application for fast installation and fast network connection
– Its a very effective Stealth OpenVPN protocol that masks you surfing through a VPN provider
– Has additional NAT Firewall protection, which is rarely seen in others but is effective
– Has the most IP addresses, more than any other, 200,000 IP addresses and you always have more choice for connection and less chance for Netfilx or similar to locate you coming via VPN
– What they have to fix is an activation problem due to poor synchronization with a Windows TAP adapter, which can sometimes be frustrating for someone and substantially overthrow the authority of an entire application and service that is truly top notch

Paul Long
3 years ago

Support is useless. System unintuitive. Don’t waste yiur time.