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Windscribe Review

Review was submitted Best cheap VPN by Updated at: 22nd of September, 2020

Do you want to have the best cheap VPN in 2020? Then Windscribe should be among your top possibilities. Windscribe has been working in the last years so as to offer high-quality VPN services to users.

This firm is helping users browse the web privately. The company protects you from attacks that could affect your data and information in a very efficient way. The company allows users to download their services on a wide range of devices. This is one of the reasons why this can be one of the best VPN Services for Android smartphones.

Although this is not a Free VPN for Andorid or a Free VPN for iPhone it will be a great solution to protect you wherever you are and at any time of the day. One of the best things about Windscribe is that it is offering services that suit all your needs.

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8.5 / 10   (#11 out of 12)
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Affordable VPN services High price for non-personalized solutions
Support for several platforms Does not offer free solutions
Allows you to surf the web privately
Protects you from information leakage
Offers more advanced solutions

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Hugh Maxwell
3 years ago

I will not say that Windscribe is not a good VPN that works effectively with excellent security and so on. This was the first VPN that even allowed me to override my GPS location in my developer options. I did not even know this before, and I truly loved it and even boasted about it.

But things changed when I had to first write them about issues and when I had to to change my password. I found it disgusting when I saw the animation of Will Smith that shows when I was going to the process to reset my password that I have forgotten. Will Smith is cool ( my actor and thing) but what is portrayed by the actor is not a joke and speaks volume about the company culture in dealing with customer.

So this rating is based on their customer service.When I compare email correspondence with other companies Windscribe is worst. Their email look like a text from a phone made by someone who is on the move. The heading, salutation, body, the complimentary close and and the signature. Compared an email correspondence for e.g., a company like Bitdefender and you will get the idea.

Windscribe doesn’t seem to get the picture that quality needs to be shown in everything they do and not just the product.Every thing you they do represents the company.

I had an issue which was mostly my fault ( I must admit) and I contacted them and I was shocked with the form and substance of their communication. At one point I even picked up a tone of disgust. ( I have all the email correspondence to prove this)

Seriously? And based on the nature of the problem and the back and forth between us via email. Just an email that asked “Did you get through ok” would make you feel as if I am a valued customer ( and the fact that I did not get through made me even feel worst). But they were happy for “he can go for there are others who will come” was Windscribe attitude. I get the feeling I was a bother and for that reason I decided Not to re-subscribe after I have canceled the product before my former subscription was over. I ended up signing up with Surfshark and wow, what a breathe of fresh air regarding Support.

It is how you make people feel Mr. Windscribe; that is what generates loyalty. You will never please everyone for there are people with serious issues. Bu they are also well thinking individuals who is willing to provide some loyalty if you make them feel as if they count.

In this arena of VPN all over the place begging for subscription, It is for this reason some companies come from behind and take over a large market share of subscriber because not only they provide a good product ( as would Windscribe) but they have a way to wow and keep loyal customers.

Bottom line: Windscribe structure of communication is very poor even by just looking at the structure of their emails. There is just something that turns me off.

But all the best to them

3 years ago

I renewed my Windscribe account in January of 2020. For two months, the icon on my desktop indicted I was connected via Miami-Snow. Well, it occurred to me that I should check Imagine my horror that my ip address was that of my internet provider in Panama! No telling how long this fraud had put me at risk! Maybe for the entire two months! Windscribe refused to refund my $49. By this time, the Covid pandemic had hit and I was unable to file a dispute with my credit card company. I kept sending Chase messages asking how I could file a dispute. Each time I received a canned response that it would take “a week or so” for me to receive a response from them. After no response from Chase, I kept sending messges, only to receive the identical canned response. I finally was able to call them today…and was told the time for filing a dispute has passed. This was Chase’s fault, NOT MINE. So because of Chase’s poor service and Windscribe’s dishonesty, I am screwed out of $49. DO NOT EVER USE WINDSCRIBE!

I see that Windscribe told another lie. After using the Windscribe service for one year, against my better judgment I renewed when it was due in January of 2020. For two months (as I explained above) Windscribe indicated I was connected to Miami-Snow. But something told me I should check whatismyipaddress–and I discovered my ip address was that of my internet provider in Panama. The Windscribe VPN was not working, and no telling how long their lie had put me at risk. I already explained all this above in my original review, but Windscribe is trying to obfuscate the issue. I asked for a $49 refund after using their (faulty) service for two months. I have emails back and forth to substantiate everything! Besides being a bad company, they reveal now nasty they are to a customer. STAY AWAY FROM WINDSCRIBE!
And by the way, I paid the full $49 for the first year of use, and I paid $49 when I renewed in January of 2020. Windscribe is saying that I wanted a refund for the full two years of use. Wrong! After the renewal in January of 2020 (for $49) and I discovered I was not connected to their VPN as indicted, it was then that I asked for a refund of $49 after two months of fraudulent “service.”
8/29/20 – Update: After my Chase credit card account had told me it was “too late to file a dispute,” I sent several secure messages saying the tardiness was the fault of Chase because of Covid non-customer service. Each of my emails received a canned response: “we have received your secure message and will review your account…” Nothing about how to file a dispute. FINALLY…enough secure messages got their attention and I see in my last statement that there is a $49 credit from Windscribe.

This was a huge struggle, but I finally succeeded. Never again with Windscribe! Someone else mentioned that they are arrogant. Very true!

I’ve been using Mullvad, based in Sweden. Excellent VPN. Not especially cheap and the account is only for two devices unless you configure your router, but the service (and customer service) is excellent. Another thing I like about Mullvad is that I can pay monthly. If I’m ever dissatisfied, I can quit with no hassle like I experienced with Windscribe.

hytas glitter
3 years ago

Windscribe is a good VPN i think it is the best free VPN it has many servers free 10GB data free and im so glad that vpns exist because they help me so much.

3 years ago

Jack of all Trades

1. Fast Speed
2. Wireguard Protocol
3. App starts quick and connects fast
4. Good for Gaming
5. NFSW Language
6. Best Application among VPNs that I’ve seen

1. Sometimes speed is slow
2. L2TP & PPTP not available

I’m sad that I missed the opportunity to get my hands on Lifetime Plan for this VPN

Jeff M
3 years ago

Who needs enemies with this many sh!t reviews πŸ™‚ probably disgruntled competitors

I’ve been with them for 3 years now and hardly had any glitches. Support via email was superb too

The Netflix servers are spot on, it’s not even buffered once when I am hooked up to the American server from the uk

Would I recommend them, yes, I have πŸ™‚

3 years ago

The VPN is a good one even. However the headquarter and servers are located in Canada, the 5 Eyes… πŸ™

The good thing is that they provide ads, pro, phishing… block at the DNS level.

Unfortunately the application does not work perfectly on iOS or macOS. The customer service is responding to emails but it is useless as they don’t solve the problem and improve their application. In fact, they are a little bit arrogant.

Kjartan Asger Mikkelsen
3 years ago

10GB/month free

Bijoy Monzurul
3 years ago

Price is cheap, but the speed is ridiculously slow. My ISP speed is 24Mbps, which is average in my country. But when I connect with Windscribe speed drops to 4-5Mbps, often even slower! And not to mention their bad customer service. Stupid bot Garry! I’d rather talk to human customer service. Until they can develop a real smart AI. they should stop with this bot service nonsense.

Robert Tremblay
3 years ago

Need a VPN… windscribe is the only VPN you will ever need.

Started with the free plan, and it was so exceptional that when I’ve seen the lifetime sale, I made the switch to paid service. Never looked again for another VPN.

It worth every penny.

Chris Summervil
3 years ago

Have been a member for over two years (lifetime). Good speeds for various uses. Works with socks5! Many servers and good strong documentation. The client has worked on every platform I have tried (iOS,MACOS, Windows). I like the Robert functionality in that you can configure security by device and block malware ads etc. I have uses many vpn services from stack social and this is my favorite one and I recommend it to everyone, they own their service. A+ guys and thanks for the updates and new features you keep adding, we really appreciate the hard work.

3 years ago

Windscribe is a good and reiable vpn, its cheap and i havent had any problems with it so i 100% recommend everyone to try it out.

Yermek Yerganayev
3 years ago

I am using the VPN for 2.5 years now. 10GB for free is a good deal. However, I needed more traffic, so I purchased a custom plan with four servers + R.O.B.E.R.T for 4 USD/month, no annual subscription. For this money, the service does its job pretty well.

Blaise Edwards
3 years ago

Really easy to use but only get 10GB free, I pay for this now and get unlimited so recommend if you’re happy to pay… they do really good student discount

Sam Goodfield
3 years ago

Recently i have become more concerned about my online privacy with the recent data breach’s from some well known ISP’s. After speaking to a colleague who recommended Windscribe i haven’t looked back. The network is very fast and allows some quite advanced features including blocking dangerous websites etc.

Nick Miller
3 years ago

One of the best VPNs. 15 FREE GB of data that renew every month is enough at least for my personal uses. You just press a button in the client and everything works as it should. And I don’t need any subscriptions to use it. So it’s definitely worth a try.

Nate Rose
3 years ago

This VPN is fast. and the customer support is really good.
I really enjoy this product much more than some of the other VPNs I paid for.

3 years ago

This VPN offers good speeds for a reasonable pricing. There is a student offer available either. I do not really notice any delaying when connected to the VPN when I connect to a server which is located in the same continent. The delay when connected to another continent is very minimal.

I especially like the extra features called ROBERT, which block ads, trackers, malware and cryptominers (with some more blockers being available), and being able to turn those on and off separately. The adblock blocks all well-known advertisements but some advertisements of websites themselves (so not using Google Ads or alternatives) will still appear.

3 years ago

I had Windscribe for a while now and it’s a pretty good VPN. I used the Custom Plan option and it was perfect for me. Customer Support was excellent. The speeds are fast enough for daily use. DPL
3 years ago

Windscribe is a marketing scam
Windscribe is probably one of the worst options for customers. They have a high price compared to top services like Surfshark, Cyberghost, NordVPN, Privatevpn or Ivacy. They only have THREE days for a refund if you are not satisfied with their service, but if you ask for a refund they do not respond for three days to your email and – no refund.
They give false information to customers on the site. Windsribe does not have Stealth mode or IP obfuscation, you can read this in detail on many blogs written by real VPN experts. There is no Port forwarding or static IP address unless you pay extra for the base price, which is not on offer.
They have very slow internet traffic and a frequent drop in internet connection, and almost every day you get a warning for something that has nothing to do with you. They come from Canada, the country that receives all your information from Windscribe.
When you contact customer service you get insulted by a street dictionary. It’s simple, it’s a waste of service, and for less money, buy some good and professional VPN services to get what you really pay for.
I stand behind my words, I used Windscribe and never again.

Johnny McCaffery
3 years ago

It does its job…. but you don’t get the speed you get from your ISP. My average speed through the VPN is 4Mbps, when my ISP is 200Mbps.

3 years ago

I logged a support ticket over 5 times. Still no response

3 years ago

Another reviewer mentioned the sudden disappearance of the 10GB allotted per month on the free plan. Same thing happened to me. I was giving the service a trial run. My 10GB lasted less than a few hours. It dropped from 10GB to 5GB really fast. I left it at around 5GB. Returned to my computer later and found a message saying it had all been used up. I had barely done anything. That and some of the responses here on Trustpilot by their customer service department have led me to question signing up. A little advice to Windscribe: rudeness and sarcasm don’t endear you to anyone. Even if you are in the right, it might be best to at least be professional.

3 years ago

Their website says split tunneling but you have to click it to find out it’s not on Windows yet. Their chat bot says it is coming for Windows in the 2nd quarter of 2019 but that’s long gone. I pinged support and they said “we’re working on it and will provide more details once they become available”. Corporate jargon. In other words it’s not coming and you’re not taking it seriously enough. The bot still hasn’t been corrected either. Won’t be spending a penny with these plums.

3 years ago

Best VPN service.
I have tried PrivateVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN and now I stick with Windscribe even if I have another paid subscribtion.
I use it daily in Firefox and IOS. Very good speeds and software.
Keep up the good job !

Beast Fox
3 years ago

A lot of other VPN services business model relies on annual subscriptions or alternatively high priced monthly subscriptions. Windscribe, although offering this, also offers the opportunity to customize and create your own plan to your desire; this includes the amount of servers you want to route your connection through as well as if you want to have unlimited data or not for a dollar more. Furthermore, they give you the option to test out the service without you needing to pay anything, although limited to a few servers. I have used many other private network tunneling services in the passed and so far Windscribe has seemed to be the best option for me.

I am currently on the Windscribe custom plan with one UK and one US server billed monthly at $3 (~£2.30). I average around 100 mbps down disconnected from a VPN, and about 40 connected to Windscribes UK server or 20 connected to the US server.

Martin Upton-Eidland
3 years ago

I needed to trial VPN Providers and Windscribe were promising, in that, considering they have a free version offering 10GB limit a month, it can be pretty convenient. The issue is that the free trial version’s 10GB limit can confusingly disappear. For example, I had 4.9GBs remaining when watching some Sport, then at around 35-40mins windscribe’s app warned me that 0.9MB was remaining. This is simply not possible for 4GBs to vanish, well at least considering that previously I was able to watch 2 full 100mins sessions that used 5.1GB. Like all services you get what you pay for, and that brings me onto the service, even though I had contacted Technical Support, I was asked the same questions within the support’s responce email, this was a little annoying – it means that the support person had not read the email submitted.
So there is partial trust and the reason for 3 stars, and is based upon the annoyance of the GB Limit disappearing plus the service of support, I have decided to invest in another provider. Would’ve invested in Windscribe, but the doubt had already set in.

4 years ago

This company is quite generous when giving free accounts 30GB/month. Not sure if they steal personal data but I hope not. I’m happy with it now and will buy it some day.
The connection is very stable, the app is very easy to use on Mac and works seamlessly.

Eddy Brennan
4 years ago

Only gripe is it needs 24/7 support if needed that is 😊👏🤣 otherwise highly recommended

Đỗ Trần Thái An
4 years ago

Best VPN i have ever used but there are too least of free location

4 years ago

When you check the main names in VPN they all offer wonderful 3 years deals which you have to pay upfront before you really get to test them. This put me off Getting a VPN and the rolling monthly cost is usually overinflated.

I came across Windscribe by chance as never had heard of them. They have a generous free tier account which i tested and found the speeds and latency to be pretty respectable.

What sold me though was you can build your own plan and pay monthly, and the prices were reasonable at $1 per server zone (i.e us zone has 30+servers to choose from). I only needed 2 zones US and UK so this was perfect a choice of roughly 35 servers. Whats even better is you can also add on unlimited data for just an additional $1.

So i get unlimited data on a good range of servers for $3 per month or circa £2.50 which is a bargain. Okay if you need a server in every country going this is not help full but seriously who needs more than a few choices?

Okay so its a cheap price but is the quality any good? Well on my BT line which is normally 65mb down and 19up, im getting circa 56 down and 16 up on UK servers and circa 46 down and 14up on US. Thats pretty workable.

The OSX app is simple to use, the chrome plugin adds additional layer.

The ANDROID app is Okay however it would have been nice to include a widget to switch last VPN on from Home Screen. Luckily i got round this using shortcutter, and even a TASKER profile which auto connects when i leave my Home Wifi (using auto input)

However just for info, they offer an easy to use VPN router config so you can have the vpn work at the router level (imagine smart tv connecting via vpn for your fav streaming service, router level is only way to achieve this) BUT and it’s a BIG But, A lot of home routers just are not powerful enough to handle the encryption, this is not down to Windscribe it’s just the OPENVPN standard. My Synology router which is more powerful than most managed less than 10mb down and 2mb up, so unless your running a dedicated powerful VPN gateway, just use the os apps.

4 years ago

After a very bad experience with NordVPN I have changed to Windscribe. Windscribe is the best VPN I have tried so far and it works perfectly. Also, I think it’s a good practice to give you a real trial first so you can test the VPN first before buying an expensive subscription.

4 years ago

Windscribe has come a long way from when they started, I hope they stick to there guns about the zero-knowledge stance, and remain a VPN service that people can trust.

VPN services should never track, trace, or store your info, including your IP address and any data transmitted over the VPN service (No-Logs). Thats entirely the whole point of a VPN!!. If windscribe dig there heals in and continue to provide this private reliable service, they will certainly be a favorable one. At the moment, these guys are one of the best ! Keep it up, people need reliable (Non-Shady) VPN providers.

4 years ago

I use Windscribe on two computers, two phones and one tablet. It works great with all of them. I got a lifetime license at which was a steal. Customer support is also good.

4 years ago

Worst vpn ever! so slow, and all ip in the black list, and it’s in a premium account. I am not banned , I just use another vpn.

Anna Verner
4 years ago

I do not recommend this VPN, this is the worst one I’ve ever seen, all ip in the black list, can check themselves who does not believe,
still just without writing anything they banned my premium account “your account is disabled for abuse” Realy? Yes I abuse your spamming ip(nop), ok.If you don’t want to be banned too, you can never buy this vpn.

Windscribe’s report me inTrustpilot :
“This user broke our Terms of Service several times and had their account terminated.”

Dear Trustpilot team How did they know what I am user? from where? I did not write any of my data in a review, As I say the worst service ever!!!!

4 years ago

Service is good.

Gerallt Bath
4 years ago

Been using Windscribe for about 2 years now.
Easy to use, and a pleasure to have.I was sceptical in the beginning, when I heard others reviews, but, I fully agree with them now.
I utilize Windscribe in both Microsoft, and Linux OSs. It has become my app of choice. Reliable, fast and easy to use.

Elijah Gale
4 years ago

Windscribe is the best free VPN service I have ever used.

I won a “free” 60gig per month limited lifetime account on a software giveaway forum 3 years ago in a contest sponsored by Wndscribe.

My first choice is ExpressVPN which I use on my main desktop, but I installed WindscribeVPN on my wife’s computer since I won it.

She uses it to be safe from “bad actors” (hackers, phishers, data loggers) when doing banking or any financial transactions online.

It is safe, fast, and has computers in every country we need to do any business in (North America and Europe.)

*I recommend it to anyone who needs a safe (military-grade encrypted) fast VPN for free even if the free standard version is only “10GB/month of data.”

Alex Dee
4 years ago

Windscribe is a high-quality VPN service that protects your computer and smartphone. The company offers a full-fledged VPN client that protects your computer and smartphone, as well as a firewall — your IP will not be visible even if the connection with Windscribe is lost. In addition, the package includes a browser application that blocks ads and trackers. In the application, you can create secure links from the browser and manage them. Windscribe offers a rich selection of security settings, such as ad blocking, removal of site tracking systems that you visit, user agent switching and more. The service is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, Android and iOS as well as Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox. A quality VPN service such as Windscribe allows you to bypass Internet censorship. You will feel safe even when connecting to public Wi-Fi access points. The service allows you to easily share files over encrypted tunnels. The company uses the AES-356 cipher with the SHA512 authenticator and a 4096-bit RSA key.

4 years ago

The app works very well, and is easy to use. I use Windscribe to quickly switch from US to Canada to UK all the time. The desktop software works very similar to the mobile app, so the transition from one to the other is seamless.

Tarek M
4 years ago

I used Windscribe for long time and the service is good with many servers around the world, good security and privacy, i can access many restricted sites. In addition, it supports torrenting and can bypass VPN block in some countries. Winscribe supports all of my devices and easy to use with browser extensions that make its use more easy and accessible. Windscribe offers you generous free plan to test all features and static IP address


The speed of the servers need more improvement
The price needs to be reduced

4 years ago

Outstanding service!!

Dhruv Gupta
4 years ago

1. Has both browser add-on and client
2. Good- Great speeds
3. Lightweight software
4. Good support.

Bruno Ferreira
4 years ago

Happy user of this company’s VPN service.
Fast support team, great product quality.
The only downside is the lack of notifications for when an update is available.

4 years ago

I like this VPN service. The overall quality of their service is great but, their server’s speed isn’t the highest & they need to add more servers.
They offer a fantastic 10 GB free monthly account with validating your E-mail address. So, you can test their service before paying.

4 years ago

Windscribe VPN is one of the most popular VPN providers that allows you to use the Internet anonymously.
Windscribe encrypts your browser activity, blocks ads and unlocks entertainment content.
With it, You can:
Stop regularly monitoring and controlling your online activities and enjoy confidentially, Unlock blocked content in your region. The system changes your IP address and allows you to simulate activity from different countries;
Along with the VPN-application, a special browser is provided.
VPN makes your Internet surfing completely anonymous. Windscribe VPN encrypts all work on the network, does not save logs.
Stop the leakage of personal data. Using public access points (public wi-fi), You will prevent the theft of confidential information by hackers. In addition, using the R. O. B. E. R. T. VPN module blocks malware and advertising on all your devices.
It is assumed also free use of VPN-service with reduced functionality in the number of countries and traffic.

4 years ago

I had the option of using this VPN.

According to my opinion, it’s fast, stable, secure, with a lot of servers.

I recommend this program to all users who care about their privacy on the Internet.

Hamed Azarbar
4 years ago

A very good VPN with high speed and secure security as well as good support

Fraser Clough
4 years ago

2nd edit: support eventually got back to me and gave me a refund but still very slow
Edit: I wasn’t happy with the speeds as I think the Uk servers are a bit saturated and in some cases, pro servers can be slower than free ones. I contacted support for a refund of a months of a custom plan and they did reply saying ‘was there a partiuclar issue?’ and I said no and still wanted a refund, and I replied 3 times to ask again but still no reply to this day even though I was a small amount ($3) i still wanted it back but they probably think I don’t care about that much money but still.

Stuart Mckie
4 years ago

Windscribe Vpn i joined when it launched after speaking with yegor via email now im a lifetime pro member and still talking with yegor and helping test the new android tv app and helped with the testing of the android mobile app πŸ™‚ i love windscribe from the emails you get to the memes they post on twitter trolling other shady vpn providers to how pro the team are and everything they have planned for the future of the product windscribe is better than pia torguard ipvanish nord vpn and ghost and others get on board with windscribe become a pro member you wont regret it

Harry Eaton
4 years ago

It’s great for me. I get almost all of my 100mbps speed with it enabled; it’s frankly amazing after quitting PIA because their speeds collapsed (for me) when they became popular (and I’m pretty sure they are traffic shaping P2P but that’s another story). The service is excellent too, given I’m paying £2 a month. I had a problem with micro-disconnects. I sent a couple of mails quite a while apart, go no reply, sent a polite chaser asking for immediate support, and was given great ongoing support by a chap called Igor, who explained my ticket had been closed accidentally due to the delay and eventually put me through to the company founder, who identified the router setting that was causing the issue. I’d recommend.

4 years ago

Custom Plan is great as it allows you 2 servers for only $2 so if you want a Vpn that will work with Netflix which is what I did. This is probably the cheapest way to go. Easy to use and works very well.

SilverGamer484 Productions
4 years ago

I can get a free VPN service From Act VPN and their servers are faster For free, I tested windscribe myself and it was good for the free service, 10GB a month, and I took a speed test without the VPN, 25mbps, I turned on windscribe vpn, it bumped my download speed to 8.57mbps on the best location, then I went to act Vpn and took the speed test and I got 24.37mbps and the upload speed, windscribe: 2.57mbps, act vpn: 4.92 mbps, windscribe please inprove VPN download and upload speed please if you are reading this

Martin Holden
4 years ago

Removed miner and credits without notice or compensation for those that had mining credits built up. Plain and simple theft if you ask me

reply to Windscribe, you say I had 2 months notice. where was this notice, should an email not be sent to do this? I received no such email hence no notice

Second reply: There was no email from you and how damn rude your response here was. I would have considered paying for your service if you had been better with your response but with that attitude you can go to hell, there are many alternatives to you. Also there are alternative miners you could have switched too rather than keep all the monero earned by users. Coinimp for example

Kurt Obando
4 years ago

I love the new custom plan, which I have a full control based on my needs. Already subscribe to your service, and I love it.

Thank you for your VPS service. I highly recommend Windscribe.

Paul Mitchell
4 years ago

Tried everything but my speed goes from 208mbps to 5mbps when i enable it, waste of money and time.

Bruce Weigman
4 years ago

Outstanding service!! What more can one say.

Dan W
4 years ago

I’ve had only good experience using the Chrome extension, desktop app and (recently refreshed) Android app. Can’t comment on customer service as I’ve never needed to reach out, but their apps work well.

4 years ago

Great service. Customer service is fab, responsive and helpful, I’m old.. so any tech help is great.

Johan Berg
4 years ago

You will not regret using Windscribe. I also love how generous their free plan is, unlike other VPN’s.

You can’t go wrong with Windscribe.

4 years ago

Good applications, but bad support.

I really like Windscribe because it is stable and has a good amount of servers for a good price.

The only bad thing is the awful support, they can ‘cherry pick’ over which posts to answer in the Discord and Reddit. They can also be pretty rude to some people’s criticism too.

Jason Chan
4 years ago

Very good speed, stable connection. Robert is useful on mobile where it could block ads on chrome. Trustworthy privacy policy. I have been using the free version for a few years before getting premium and upgraded to lifetime premium on stacksocial last year, truly one of the best vpn services I have used, would definitely recommend. However, it does log timestamp and the connection may drop once in a while, but for the price it could compete with much more expensive options.

4 years ago

I upgraded for two pro locations, but the speed I am getting is 10-20% on both of the locations. I immediately sent an email yet after almost a month there is no reply, but every day I receive an email that offering something in a funny way. Your sense of humor is not funny anymore my friends, it used to be, but now I feel that I have been fooled by your funny emails! Anyway, thank you for the free bandwidth I’ll continue with it.

4 years ago

First of all, Windscribe does its job. It connects you to hundreds of different servers. The For-Free Version is pretty good too, you get 10GB per Month. For Free! That’s fricking cool.

Also, to be honest, I love their humor. Makes them likeable πŸ™‚

4 years ago

The best one ! The price/quality is superb πŸ˜‰ i´m really happy with the service . thank you guys

H Cee
4 years ago

This VPN was recommended to me by a friend – perfect for my needs and love I can switch it on and off easily.

Nikola Andersson
4 years ago

the stealth mode dosen’t even work in my school so i think this mode is not working in china

A A Cook
4 years ago

I purchased 1 year Pro on offer and installed it on 4 devices. Seemed like a good offer at a reasonable price.

However, after 24 hours wondering why I had not received emails, realised Windscribe was the cause – a very costly error as I lost some key traffic. I eventually managed to get intermittent emails through but as a heavy user of email, service interruption is unacceptable.

Nothing at all back from customer service – a complete waste of money and time.

Now deleted from all my devices and money lost.

4 years ago

Windscribe has free plans with a bandwidth limit and limited locations. There are different ways to increase that limit.
A new feature is the ‘Build a plan’. Choose any location with unlimited bandwidth for 1$/month.

My favorite features for a Pro account:
+ many locations (separate servers from free plan)
+ DNS level ad blocking (can be turned off)
+ Port forwarding (in beta)
+ Works on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc.
+ Can access Netflix US and UK content

Paul Vallance
4 years ago

I subscribed to the Pro service for a couple of days. Some UK IP addresses on Windscribe service are blacklisted due to too much traffic on too few IPs.

5 years ago

Awesome VPN app.
An excellent VPN for those really concerned about privacy. You also get great speeds. (depends on where you connect to. Best location or one that is near where you live usually gives the best speeds) They are also a very honest company. Their Privacy Policy is short and clear on what they do and don’t do with your data, unlike most VPNs out there.
A feature that may surprise you is that they offer a free plan with a generous amount of data per month (10 GB / month)
They have a Discord community too. A community with nice people where you can ask for help. Staff might also assist you in there. However, if you really need assistance from staff, it’s better to send a debug log via the app and send a ticket from the website.
I’ve been a Pro user since November 2016, and I don’t regret paying for it.
Another great thing is that it is compatible among a wide variety of devices and OSes. And for those whose app isn’t available you can use the OpenVPN configs (although they require a Pro account)
some small annoyances on Linux are: updating or reinstalling the app will require you to log in again. And when you start up your computer, it will connect to a random location near the last area you were connected to before shutting down your computer. For example, if you were connected to Canada East – Old Port, the app will connect you to a random location in Canada East. (the bug is already acknowledged by the devs and will be fixed in the next release)
I recommend trying the free plan first to see if it suit your needs. But you can’t go wrong with a Pro account.

Ariel L
5 years ago

Windscribe is the bang for your buck that also performs sufficiently well. I would rank it among top 5 of all VPN’s I have heard of, but perhaps not the 1st or 2nd. They consistently communicate with their community via blog and reddit. It is also uniquely a service that doesn’t limit the number of devices you have, though they do prohibit account sharing. That itself is reasonable, but the question comes in in how they enforce it. Their logging policy has always been a little unclear to me. They do log bandwidth, even for paid users (where data allowance is unlimited), and they store this information at least for a month before deleting it. They do this to provide “unlimited devices but not account sharing”, which I think is a fair justification, but I will take a star off for this along with above average but not perfect speed. Some servers are also spottier than the others, causing frequent disconnection.

Overall, would recommend.

Red Tester
5 years ago

26/03/2020 – The VPN is pure trash when you need it the most, servers goes down every 10 minutes during this period of the COVID-19 that everyone stuck at home. very very poor preformance.

*The first year was great
*The second year nightmare – disconnection, app UI was broken.
*The Third year feel like major improvement been done the service improved a lot, disconnection issues disappeared and came back.

99% of the IP’s are BLACK LISTED so you cant access certain secure websites.

And now the disconnection came back big time- they dont have real support so getting into the cause root of the problem is not easy and should be done by the end user (Me)
Asked them which core windows 10 services the app need to run smooth and they dont have answer (never seen such a thing that support does not know which core services the software need), the support is really bad and they ask for logs all the time and even with the logs they dont have any answer this service is really POOR.

I really suggesting getting more reliable VPN provider with professional support team and QA.

asking support why IKEV2 not connecting on my pc they answer “use whatever work” later discovered that you need to enable the service in Windows 10.

(Disclaimer i work as Quality assurance for global company that is NOT related to VPN’s in any way.)

5 years ago

Good bang for your buck.

Michael R.
5 years ago

I started using Windscribe a year ago because a friend of mine had recommended it. I tested it out for free for a few days, realised I am addicted to Netflix, and ended up getting the Pro membership. So many shows. The other highlight is never having to see that stupid “Content not available in your country” message for Youtube and Hulu. God, I hate that F(*$%# message.

The Pros:
– Good UI: not clunky, loads quickly
– Lots of servers, including ones specifically for Netflix
– Their ads and emails are actually fun to read because they are hilariously absurd
– Their customer service response time has improved a lot, their bot is pretty useful for small questions/clarifications
-I’ve only used a few VPN’s so I am not an expert by any means, I’m quite a troglodyte with some types of technology, but I was able to install this easily, and use it easily
– Works well for torrenting, though I usually just stream stuff
– So much Netflix!

The Cons:
– When I first started I would have given them a 3 star, I was getting a bit annoyed that it would take long to connect to servers (sometimes up to 40s to 1.5 min). I haven’t had this issue at all in the last 7 months with the exception of once.
– If you don’t take advantage of the sale offers, you will regret it later. I ended up paying full price, and it is worth it, but I wish I had taken advantage of one of their special offers – I waited too long and missed it. I made up for it getting friends to sign up with my referral code.

5 years ago

I have been using Windscribe for a little over a year. Originally the speeds were a bit flaky, and the Windows client crashed on me a few times, however Windscribe never stops improving. With the latest updates the performance increased DRAMATICALLY, and the app has been rock solid. I’ve been connected for 3 days now without a single hiccup. My 100mbit Comcast connection has been reduced to ~95mbit while connected, so basically there is no speed drop at all.

PS. The WINDFLIX UK feature is just great! Now I’m all caught up on Star Trek Discovery.

Tom Mattey
5 years ago

I’ve used Windscribe for around 6 months now and I’m now leaving and looking for an alternative. When it works, its a nice application to use, simple and effective but with many options and features.

What kills it though is it’s reliability. It goes through extended periods of being very slow, trickle speeds and frequent disconnects. If you work with any cloud software or want to stream anything, it is not at all reliable.

The customer service isn’t the worst but needs a lot of improvement. They are slow to respond but they are a small company so thats understandable. They do try to help solve the issues but they can get quite shirty and aggressive with you and absolutely refuse to accept any responsibility for problems. Eventually they will get tired of responding and either blame you for the problems or just give up. (just take a look at some of the petulant responses to bad reviews for proof)

Philip Marc
5 years ago

Before being with Windscribe, I was a customer of Kaspersky VPN but after seeing a Windscribe Lifetime VPN License (via StackSocial) I decided to go for it and am very pleased. Windscribe offers vastly more country locations to choose from, great speeds, bandwidth count per month (so I know how much I’ve been using) and if there’s any probs, customer service is available.

Wouldn’t mind using the mining service but already have the complete package.

I kinda wish I didn’t need to use a VPN but am forced because ISPs and Govts keep blocking websites more and more.

5 years ago

Original from Jun 4, 2018
I’m using this VPN since November and I’m loving it. Good service, good support and good privacy policy.

Edit April 4, 2020
It has been 2 and half years that I’m subbed to Windscribe (since November 2017), and I’m totally satisfied. In all this years it got better and better. They released ROBET (an adblock at DNS level), the android app is top tier and they are almost done with the new Windows Desktop app. They also made an “unblock streaming” feature (which broke a lot of programs like Telegram, but they fixed this. These suffs happens) that let you use Netflix and other streaming services while connected to the VPN. In my opinion this is one of the best VPN around.

Elizabeth Webb
5 years ago

I wouldn’t bother trying other vpns. Windscribe is literally the best among them, tested and proven! Whether you use the free plan or sign up for the pro plan, you’re still gonna be welcomed with great speeds and reliable features. Many of which you don’t always get with other VPNS.

5 years ago

I have been using several VPN services (for different purposes) and Windscribe is definitely the best among them all.

Not many VPN services have got DNS leak protection but Windscribe set up their own DNS server for each VPN server.

The speeds are decent (although as normal, there must be some servers giving slower than normal speed. But I think Windscribe is just keeping them as back up if those better ones goes down for maintenance).

Other services I used have been hammered by the latest (nasty) Windows 10 update and some of them haven’t got the problem fixed yet, but Windscribe was one of the only two services I have that was not affected.

Micheal Fiala
5 years ago

Windscribe continues to amaze me with the quality of their servers. The locations Windscribe over are always more than perfect, even when downloading items. I’ve never had any issue with any of their features and i’ve never had any ads pop up or trackers follow me around since I first signed up. Very happy and pleased I considered Windscribe. One of the best so far.

Neptune Visitor
5 years ago

The best premium VPN I’ve used, I tried most of the premium ones and paid & refunded the ones I had issues with. Windscribe for me has all the bases covered: Unlimited users at any time (don’t share with friends though and be reasonable) Quite a few different apps & for me the essential Amazon Firestick.

The Android app works fine on my Sony Android TV & my Samsung tablet. Works well in Windows 10, the IOS App works fine on my iPhone.

I’m able to watch a streaming service from over the water flawlessly & so easy to setup. All in all it’s the best there is, no doubt about that.

Dissatisfied Customer
5 years ago

I signed up for a single one time charge for one month. After the month ended I didn’t check on the account (granted I should have). I get an alert that Windscribe had charged my card. I contacted my bank and told them that I did not authorize a second charge. I logged into my Windscribe account and cancelled.

Lo and behold, a month later, I get the same notification. Windscribe had charged AGAIN. After contacting Windscribe, a customer service representative responded with a very condescending and sarcastic email detailing how I had no idea what I was talking about. Absolutely amazing customer service.

Honestly, I would’ve been fine with a “We’re sorry. Our bad.”, but no. I was responded to with a nasty customer service email.

Also, the connection was terrible when I used it, which is why I stopped using it within the first week of paying, and stopped using it ever since.

Used a week of service, it wasn’t up to par. Cancelled, company charges me two more times after cancelling. Customer service got nasty.

Gilles Morin
5 years ago

All positive.

Вадим Белкин
5 years ago

Some time ago I posted a negative comment about this product here.Soon after it I discovered, that my account with Windscribe got suspended. No big deal, I just created a new one with a different e-mail. But I ask my question again, do you think you can trust a company which acts in such a mean way?

5 years ago

10 GB/mo is awesome… unlike any VPN app I know of! I really want to get a paid subscription. My conneciton is always stable, and it can get through my school firewall (which blocks all VPNs. Opera, Betternet, and the other main ones don’t work). Using the stealth protocol through port 443 is the best!!!!

Alex Mueller
5 years ago

I was worried about getting a free VPN, I honestly expected it to absolutely suck unless I paid for the pro version. This is not the case at all! Windscribe exceeded my expectations by a mile. And then shortly after I signed up they added a way to earn several features, including a pro account without paying money. It’s fantastic. I would definitely recommend Windscribe to any of my friends looking for a VPN service.

Martin Persson
5 years ago

This program is amazing. Incredible speeds and a simple to navigate website and program. They also have a CLI which I really enjoy!

15GB free/month? Sign me up.
Flawless setup. Best VPN solution yet. Thinking about buying.

blend swap
5 years ago

Exellent (pro version) works as advertised. This is my 3rd vpn and my first paid one but realy worth it. Speed and security are here + the many options such as windflix or firewall. One of the best in the game πŸ™‚

Mauricio Yazigi
5 years ago

I tried many VPN services before until tried Windscribe Free. It was awesome, not a problem. Then I bought the stacksocial lifetime deal, couldn’t be happier.
Great work you guys!!!! Keep going!!!

Zachary Spencer
5 years ago

This is the best VPN service I have used. Customer support has always been easy and the products works well!

Sayed Anowar
5 years ago

Windscribe is new to VPN business and continuously evolving. Speed is sometimes little bit slow but good most of the times. If you are a Linux user, you can’t find better. Work very well for all the platform I have tested ( RedHat 7.4, Ubuntu 16.04, Kali Linux 2017.1, OsX 10.12.5 10.12.6, 10.13, Android app is still in bita phase). For security and privacy it is the best ( desktop app has stealth VPN, firewall inbuilt: never leaks your original ip. Browser extension has ad blocker, cookies detection, rotate your user agent of browser, cruise control: automatically connect different locations if the website is blocked in the country you are connected). And much more to come. You can observe it’s revolution. And lifetime pro license is the best ( about 50 dollars). And it’s transparency is my favorites. If privacy and security is your major concern, then you can trust Windscribe.

5 years ago

I have a few little issues.

I want to see the PC client having different protocols to pick.
(OpenVPN, IPSec, SoftEther)

Sometimes I feel like the servers are a bit slow, especially servers in EU, but that might just be my connection. Even though, for a free non-logging policy VPN, Windscribe is great!!

An Nguyễn
5 years ago

The server in HongKong is not good although Windscribe choose it is the best location. It always reconnect and that make me feel uncomfortable.

Memuriko Cast
5 years ago

kindly free vpn service

5 years ago

I’ve been using WindScribe for about 6 months; they’re very reliable, have lots of server locations to choose from and are great value. Their software is rock solid and so are the connections.

5 years ago

Really solid VPN, everything I can really ask for. Happened to get a lifetime subscription for a one-time fee but even so, the free and subscription prices are really reasonable. Help is good, active on social media and updates and even have a sense of humour.

Ludwig Pferd
5 years ago

In my opinion the company gives way too much bandwith per month to free users (50GB/month), offers more bandwith for cryptomining to free users, does way too less for pro users and makes itself more attractive for free users. they say free users use only 1% of all servers but every day I can feel the impact what ever server location i chose. That is very sad and the wrong way to handle pro users

Steve Agnew
5 years ago

Excellent software ! Does exactly what it claims. Pro membership totally worth it.. Look out for thanksgiving day promotions and get on board.


5 years ago

I jumped on the stacksocial deal; lifetime pro subscription for $50.00. I’ve been using Windscribe for some time now, and I have to say… It’s perfect for my requirements.

I’m constantly testing Windscribe, while using it. Checking my IP address (never my ISP’s), checking for DNS leaks (none), running Wireshark and checking to see if data is being encrypted (it certainly is).

I use Windscribe on all of my devices.

5 years ago

Great free vpn.

5 years ago

Being using Free 50GB service- is so fu*** da** great, wish I could have the money for the lifetime promo.

Tom Jakobsen
5 years ago

I asked windscribe to cancel my membership last month.This month they draw money from my bank again.So i wonder what i have to pay fore.I dont even have them on my PC.

I have tryed to open a ticket,but no.I cant even log in.They just want to steal your money for a connection ho works half the time.

How many times did i have to ask for it?

Sam Dosane
6 years ago

I’ve used Windscribe for a few months now and I’ve been happy enough with the service to upgrade to the paid version and use it as my permanent VPN.

Lots of locations
Decent speeds
Configurable on many types of devices
Built-in adblock in extensions

Geo-unblocking only works sometimes

John Murphy
6 years ago

Having accepted pretty poor speeds since I took it up – curiously not a problem I had when using the ‘free’ but limited service, it has recently undergone an upgrade – woohoo – oh, except the ‘upgrade’ appears to be a previously unknown definition of the word ‘upgrade’ – insofar as it’s managed to be MUCH worse – slower, dropping out more, ‘bandwidth’ warnings I never suffered before – once it gets to around 9pm it kind of reaches ‘peak uselessness’ & only the optimist in me bothers to start watching anything- which is rewarded, to be fair, about 20% of the time, with only a few bits that leave you hanging, wondering if that’s it for the night
Next morning, it’s usually fine – but I’ve never been a ‘morning tv’ person…

6 years ago

Very disappointed about this service

6 years ago

It’s good till you don’t need customer care. Just tickets and you have to wait while you need service right now.

6 years ago

The prices are very good and the service is good too but their VPN speed is very slow. I know that this company already exist since 10 – 11 Months so I give it 5 stars and gonna edit this review if the speed get better

freedom alkovits
6 years ago

Great service! Great speed in most locations, no logs, and fast support.

Ishirini Na Tano
6 years ago

Great free and paid plans, good speeds, great security, no logs.

6 years ago

Windscribe : is one of the most trustful VPN that provide both free and paid version for all users with high efficacy with Great transparency in terms
Is it simple in use? YES
simple regular windows installation
login with your data or begin with free account creation
simply choose location and go
Is it effective in hiding my IP? YES ; Very Effective.
Is there an internet speed affection using?
YES , Don’t Panic ——- It Increased

-Ultra-Fast VPN.
-Potent Privacy.
-Ad Block.
-Unlimited Devices.
-Whitelist within Extension
-Application & Extension Combination
-Even Perfect Economic Price , offer Free Plan.
Cons: None
Final Word
Windscribe Is Better in others Offer , and Offer What Others Can’t Offer.

Jake Bulkin
6 years ago

Actually pretty good! I initially was a free subscriber for about a month while I did speedtests and read through the ToS and what have you. I also ended up dealing with tech support once as there was a small issue with my VPN client not connecting every now and then. Tech support was very fast and polite and the service is surprisingly good – the client lets you change encryption and has all the features you would expect and a few others – like the kill switch which is a nifty addition, switching off the internet if the VPN connection crashes. Speed is normally very good, with easily over 30mbps on close by nodes and 10mbps further afield like South Korea and Australia.

The one slightly niggling point is that the android app hasn’t come out yet but it’s slated for Q2 this year – so it’ll be interesting to see what it’s like when it comes out.

So yeah, I would recommend this service as it offers a reliable, privacy conscious service, if at a sort of expensive rate if you opt for monthly billing (the lifetime or yearly deal is good value if you like the service).

Sbalsgeyslvola Bikuxsajn
6 years ago

Great and fast VPN
They worth it!

6 years ago

one of the best UI and cheap VPN i used lots of servers too! can’t go wrong with this one

now it only needs a Native Android App

George B
6 years ago

I was using windscribe for several months, and i have to say that this is the best vpn company i ever used. Speeds are really good, no disconnects, and it has a proper firewall instead of the snakeoil “kill switch” that most other companies offer, which is a terrible “security option” since it doesn’t guarantee that your ip will not leak.

Jack Simmons
6 years ago

I’ve had Windscribe VPN for 5 months. A couple days ago I used it for about an hour, and when I was turning it off I was told that I had used 487mb in that session. Immediately after that I went to my ISP’s internet page, opened my personal office’s section and found out that I had used 380mb in the last 24hrs. How can this be? There’s no sence for
my ISP to lie to me since I have Unlimited Access plan, and figures are given just to inform me. There’s sence for Windscribe to cheat me that I exaust my free monthly 50gb quicker and stop loading their servers, or even better buy a subscription. Previously, I also noticed several times that Windscribe traffic statistics were strangely high. If Windscribe
isn’t honest in smaller things, which I believe is the case, how can you trust them at alll?
Yesterday I accidentally deleted my e-mail from the Windscribe account, and my limit dropped to 2gb/month. I tried to restore things and re-entered the e-mail. Was told I’d receive a confirmation message.
After waiting for 13 hours filled a ticked. This is what I got back, copy-pasted: “Just letting you know that we received your support request, its quite excellent, one of the best ones we’ve seen, good job!”
There was nothing special about my support request and the way I put it, so these words are mockery. On one hand, I’m not surprised, because I’m a free user. On the other, I’m shocked at how shamelessly ugly customers are treated, paid or free. I believe Windscribe to be a lousy, cheating, rude company. Who knows who they share your personal data with. Think twice before using their product.

6 years ago

I have been using Windscribe for more than a year now, and the best part is it can be used on unlimited devices all at a same time and services are actually awesome with great support Guys who are always a Mail away to solve any issues you have but I have never faced major issues regarding the VPN, and it does provide all the services which are mentioned by them and Just simply love it <3

6 years ago

Stopped using it ages ago but Im still getting anoying emails from them sometiems. The unsubscribe option listed in the emial takes u to the account , but there is no visible option to hit unsubscribe anywhere! I really ahte companys who use these disgusting tactics. Unsubscribe me if I want to, without having to search through options for 30 minutes. Im still getting them.

Aidan Fox
6 years ago

I think it’s a great service, I have 75mbps internet and get between 50-75mbps with this vpn on! That almost no loss! I love how you can double hop the vpn and that from why I have seen is a rare quality in a vpn. I have used SurfEasy and browsec and can say although these are very good, windscribe is much faster, and connects quicker than both by far. I have heard it’s better than even nord vpn and vypervpn and I can see why.
If you are reading this and want to go pro with windscribe please consider using my affiliate link to order https:// windscribe. com/?affid=ketu7ab6 thanks.

6 years ago

So I signed up after thinking of a change from my current provider and I cannot get anymore that 2Mbps – support where straight up rude and wouldn’t offer much help, I have tried for the last 2 days to get a refund with no reply.

Stay well away and stick with the reputable VPN companies.

6 years ago

NO DNS/IPv6 or WebRCT leaks. 40+ servers at high speeds.

Android/IOS/Windows/Mac apps are very ease to use.
Strong with Chrome en Firefox plugins. Fast connections. No dropouts, great add filtering and save firewall option.

They can improve on BB support. And streaming media support.

Scott Maiwurm
6 years ago

I had no idea how to set up a VPN or what they really did, I just wanted to be more secure from hacking. The support I received from these guys was excellent. They helped me through everything, explained things, and gave me links to explain things. I would recommend Windscribe to those looking for a VPN service!

Arjen Sterenborg
6 years ago

I was scepticle at first about switching VPN services but a good deal pushed me to buy.

The Windows app and the browser plugin are very easy to use but they don’t have a native Android app. But they provide alternative apps with guides on how to configure them, awesome!

I had a few problems trying to connect over TCP 443 as my company blocks anything else but I soon got an updated client from support and everything worked great.

I also have a Synology NAS at home that I could not get to connect to the VPN service. Support contacted me that they had no experience with Synology NAS systems but that they would go out and buy one to check it out.

A little while later I got a reply stating they got it to work and that they had put up a guide on their website. And it does indeed work.

The support alone has been incredible, very nice experience. Would highly recommend this service!

Paul Smith
6 years ago

The service is excellent, with good speeds. I get 63Mps normally on my internet, and see no appreciable drop when using WindScribe’s VPN. Their support services are top-notch, and usually reply very quickly.

The browser based VPN tool is well designed, and easy to install and use. It allows you to very easily turn VPN on/off, or change country locations.

they also have a desktop app which allows additional VPN support for mail and other programs. Again, simple and easy to use.

They also offer a free service (limited to 10Gb a month) which allow you to try before you buy.

6 years ago

I was looking for a good solution for securing my web traffic and I came across a lifetime pass with Windscribe. Windscribe integrates really well with my laptop and browser. I feel protected at least against the general hacker in terms of secured internet traffic. There are a few tiny bits which are a bit annoying, but not enough to mention here. A good product that i’d recommend.

Jawad Kasht
6 years ago

Great service and support, user-friendly apps, I would rate it 5 if there was a native Android app.

Tadeusz Piotrowski
6 years ago

Great vpn company with shrink url service
Fast vpn speed, brilliant πŸ™‚

Marcel Eisenberg
6 years ago

VPN amazing in every way! One of the few that uses PFS – Perfect Forward Secrecy. I just don’t know if it is possible to configure the key exchange time!

Tūck Chēē Tōh
6 years ago

tried the free version and i’m impressed. easy to set up, fast servers and excellect customer support. immediately took up a 2 years subscription during black friday offer.

6 years ago

can’t wait to watch catch up tv while living in france.

6 years ago

i am from Denmark,i have used Windscribe now for 6 month and it is one of the most simple and mabye best i have ever used πŸ™‚

Jason Lea
6 years ago

For about 6 months now it has been a great service speed is always been up there where I need it and it’s definitely comparable to any VPN I’ve used in the past. I have a lifetime membership so I have saved myself a ton of money. Service is always being great and fast with a courteous response. The only problem I have with windscribe is that it doesn’t have the Android app fully integrated yet. It has the iPhone app but and Android app is coming early in 2017. Overall four out of five stars until they get the Android app to fully integrated.

Claudiu Ionut Danet
6 years ago

Pro. Easy to use!
Love the Kill-switch.
Fast torrenting speeds on 90% of servers in the list.
No downtime.
Quik response on support team.
Best Lifetime deals on Pro accounts (if you know where to look for)
Nice interface, many options to chose from.
Auto best location server.
Chrome extension for Double Loop connection.
Cons. No Android native app. (yet)

Chris Pavlidis
6 years ago

Beautiful and easy to use app.
Kill-switch mode.
A lot of server locations.
The possibility to choose the vpn port.

Slow server speed on peak hours.
More slower on torrents.
No Android app yet.
I think the windcribe browser extension is unnecessary if you use a good ad-blocker like ublock origin.

Jacqui McDonald
6 years ago

Just joined as I feel that much safer

Beny Hirmansyah
6 years ago

Fast VPN with many location choices. The last thing I need is Android Client. They said that native android client will come out in 2017. So, let’s wait πŸ™‚

John Strecker
6 years ago

Tried a trial,…. immediately bought a lifetime subscription. No brainer here. 5 stars!
Browser extension is fabulous, also!

Jordan Ortiz
6 years ago

I was able to try out the VPN for free for a week and enjoyed the options, ease of access, and the quick connections. I bought the lifetime service for 50 dollars and I got great service all around. The VPN works great with constant access when in use. However there have been few hiccups but I got pretty quick responses between an hour through emails and were very helpful. There are a lot of locations, good speeds while in use, and even allows a browser based one that can be used just for accessing other locations if you just want it as a basic proxy server to go to other sites in the world. I enjoy it and it was even mentioned well on Thatoneguys privacy from VPN charts. Though I would advice to check in case you are really in need of a review from an expert, I’m far from one. Though I definitely recommend it to new users since it’s already configured for use.

6 years ago

Switched from PIA to Windscribe and couldn’t be happier! Modern interface with great speeds, would definitely recommend.

Gordon Darby (MrCrazyBolt5150)
6 years ago

These guys are the best VPN company I’ve ever been subscribed to. They’re simple to use, and they have high value for when you use an e-mail account, and Tweet at them. To me, this is the most undefeatable company I’ve ever been subscribed to when it comes to free VPNs.

6 years ago

Great vpn company with shrink url service!
fast email support, fast vpn speed