Is the Flight Number the Same as the Booking Reference?

Last updated on February 6, 2024

While planning a flight journey or going through the hectic process of a delayed flight claim, two important terms often come into perspective: the flight number and the booking reference number. Though similar in notation, these two details play distinct roles in the air travel ecosystem. A flight number is primarily utilized by airlines and air traffic control for distinguishing different flights and their corresponding routes. Usually, a combination of alphabets and numerals, a flight number, can be found on your flight ticket, boarding pass and even on real-time flight tracking websites. For instance, BA205 signifies a flight operated by British Airways.

What is a Booking Reference Number?

On the other hand, a booking reference number, commonly known as Passenger Name Record (PNR), is unique for each passenger and individual booking. This alphanumeric code can be located on your e-ticket or confirmation email received after the booking. It typically contains information about the flight time, passenger’s contact details, special requests, and fare paid. For instance, if your flight is delayed, you would typically use your booking reference number for any flight compensation claims. It is essential to keep your booking reference safe and accessible throughout the travel for smoother communication with the airline services. For example, you might need your booking reference number to check-in for your flight or manage your booking online.

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