What is Airhelp Score?

Last updated on September 18, 2023

Airhelp Score is an innovative rating developed by Airhelp – an organization that provides legal assistance to passengers affected by flight issues – to help travelers make better decisions. Airhelp Score is based on an airline’s performance, ratings from customers who have used the airline before, and any applicable compensation laws. It allows travelers to see, at a glance, how reliable an airline they are considering using.

How is Airhelp Score Calculated?

Airhelp’s proprietary Score takes into account all aspects of an airline’s performance including on-time performance, customer reviews, and how the airline compensates passengers for flight disruptions. An airline’s performance is measured against the industry as a whole and for the region or country where the airline operates. To calculate an airline’s on-time performance, Airhelp uses external data sourced from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Airhelp also looks at customer reviews and ratings from travelers who have used the airline before. Finally, Airhelp considers any applicable compensation laws that may apply. Using this data, Airhelp Score is calculated on scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the best score an airline can get. Airlines that score over 7.0 are considered safe to use, while those scoring below 7.0 should be avoided. Airlines also have individual scores in four categories: Punctuality, Quality, Sustainability, and Care. These categories cover different criteria and can help travelers make more informed decisions about booking a flight.

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