Your flight delayed in Canada? Here is what airlines should compensate you

Last updated on May 29, 2023

Flight delays are an unfortunate part of air travel. But when a flight is delayed in Canada, what rights do the passengers have? What type of compensation is offered by the airlines? In this article, we are reviewing the rules and regulations for flight compensation in Canada in comparison to the European air passenger rights regulations.

Passenger Rights in Canada

In Canada, passengers have some rights when they are affected by a delayed or canceled flight. Each airline is required to have a customer service plan which outlines the assistance they offer in the case of a flight delay or cancellation. This includes information on compensation and refunds, as well as guidelines on how to file a complaint or seek redress. Typically, airlines will provide passengers with a full refund for their flight if the delay or cancellation was their fault. If it wasn’t the airline’s fault, then passengers may be compensated for the inconvenience with a coupon or voucher, rather than a refund.

Comparison of Canadian and European Regulations

The passenger rights regulations in Canada are similar to the European regulations, which also provide compensation for delays and cancellations. In the European Union, one of the key regulations is the “Denied Boarding Regulation” which outlines the rights of passengers in case of a denied boarding due to overbooking, or if their flights are canceled or delayed. Under this regulation, passengers may be entitled to compensation under certain circumstances. For example, if a flight is delayed for more than three hours, the airline is required to provide passengers with meals and refreshments and two free telephone calls or emails. If the delay extends over the night, then the passengers must also be provided with hotel accommodation. In comparison, the passenger rights regulations in Canada are much less strict and do not offer as much compensation as the European regulations. As such, airlines in Canada are not required to provide passengers with the same level of assistance as those operating in Europe. Overall, when it comes to flight delays or cancellations in Canada, the passenger rights regulations are not as comprehensive as those in Europe. Passengers may be entitled to a refund or a voucher, but not necessarily the same level of assistance such as accommodation or meals. Nevertheless, each airline in Canada will have its own customer service plan which outlines their compensation policy and may provide more generous compensation than the regulations dictate.

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