Introduction: What Is Flight Delay Compensation and Who Qualifies for It?

Last updated on July 11, 2023

Flight delay compensation is a concept that is slowly being adopted by airlines around the world. It entitles passengers to a financial compensation when their flights are delayed, overbooked, cancelled, or rerouted. Airlines are legally required to provide passengers with a certain level of passengers’ rights which includes flight delay compensation. Understanding your rights as a passenger, what constitutes flight delay, and who qualifies for flight delay compensation is essential for any traveller.

Understand Flight Delay Compensation

Flight delay compensation is when airline passengers are compensated when their flight is delayed due to circumstances outside of their control. Airlines specify different criteria based on the current flight regulations and the particular airline’s policies. In general, passengers are usually compensated if their flight is delayed by an hour or more. The compensation can vary depending on the airline and the duration of the flight delay.

Who Qualifies for Flight Delay Compensation

Many airlines are now offering compensation for flight delays, however not all air carriers offer the same services. If a flight is delayed due to an act of God (weather, mechanical issues, etc), a terrorist attack, or the airline’s negligence, the passenger may be eligible for flight delay compensation. Qualifying passengers must have purchased a ticket from a European Union (EU) airline, or a flight that is within the EU that is operated by a non-EU airline. Your Rights as a Passenger Airlines are legally obligated to provide passengers with certain rights when it comes to flight delays, cancellations, or other inconveniences. Passengers have the right to know their flight’s current status, refreshments if the delay is over two hours, accommodations if the delay is overnight, and compensation if the delay is three hours or more. Airlines must also demonstrate reasonable measures to minimise the impact of an inconvenience. It is important to familiarise yourself with the airline’s policy regarding flight delays and passenger rights before booking your ticket.

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