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Surfshark VPN is currently one of the best cheap VPN 2020 solutions for travellers and users that want to protect their privacy when they use the internet. Surfshark offers a much better experience than other competitors by having more services and solutions for a lower price.

This company is indeed among the Best VPN for Android in the world by offering a great virtual private network for the needs of all kinds of users, even those that use their smartphone on a regular basis. While other VPN service providers do not offer smartphone applications or free VPN for iPhone, Surfshark VPN is solving some of the problems many users can have.

At the moment, Surfshark VPN is working with desktops and laptops, smartphones, browsers and Smart TVs, among other devices. This shows they are at the forefront of the market despite being one of the best cheap VPN services.

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8.8 / 10   (#8 out of 12)
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Cheaper prices compared to competitors Despite its cheap solutions is not free
Supports a wide range of devices Could have a better interface
Offers Ad Block Solutions
Among the best VPN for Android phones
Support 24/7

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