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Review was submitted Best flight compensation companies by James Gallagher Updated at: 20th of October, 2021 is one of the best claim companies in Europe. Company seeks to help air passengers in claiming compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights from the relevant airline. Skycop customer experience: with the help of user-friendly 4 step claim form, you will start your claim easily and quickly. Skycop has recently launched their flight insurance service called Skycop Care.

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About, flight compensation company, was founded in 2017 but has already become one of the best claim companies in Europe. The company’s mission is to help air passengers in claiming compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights from the relevant airline. With the experienced team of over 70 employees, Skycop seeks to spread information about airline passenger rights and ensure claiming process was easiest and fastest. One of the leading flight compensation companies in Europe, Skycop works under the rule “no win, no fee” - the cost customer might have to pay for Skycop service is percentage (25%) of the compensation amount. However, customers pay only in cases when they get flight compensation. Skycop is not a scam - this company operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information about this legitimate company in the review below. Additionally, if you are looking for alternative claim company to Skycop, you may also check these reviews from our best flight delay compensation companies list:  AirHelp, Ifdelayed, or Claimcompass.

Customer support

The claiming process in website is quick and easy - the claimer has to fill a 4-step claim for flight compensation eligibility check. If you have any questions regarding air passenger rights, your flight compensation or claim, you may reach out customer service through website live chat. However, the disadvantage is that support is not provided 24/7 for customers. You can select one of 12 languages on Skycop website: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Magyar, Ukrainian, Estonian and Lithuanian. Claimers receive response to their requests within 24-hours, the support is personalized. Besides, there are a number of ways you may contact Skycop support: email, website live chat, phone and Facebook or Twitter. Furthermore, you may check a FAQ section on the website for questions related to EU passenger rights, flight delay compensation, claiming process, fees etc.


Customers may claim flight delay refund with Skycop through an easy-to-use, automated web form. Concerning Skycop customer experience, with the help of user-friendly 4 step claim form, you will start your claim easily and quickly. While filling the flight delay claim form, you will get a notice, how much flight compensation you might be entitled to or you can check your flight compensation amount without filing a claim form. What is more, you can log in and check your claim status online. website has a convenient choice to log in through Google and Facebook or you may also use your email. The access to the user area is personalized and easy to use. Additionally, air passengers will find all the necessary information and news in the Skycop blog area regarding airline passenger rights. Skycop has recently launched its flight insurance service called Skycop Care.


One of the leading flight claim company in Europe, Skycop strive for their customers’ compensation. They are quite active on most popular social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, keeping their followers informed with company news and updates. As one of the best flight compensation companies, Skycop has a high score of 3.6/5 feedback on TrustPilot. However, this company does not allow to rate their service on Facebook. Skycop encrypts customer data to maintain data confidentiality. website complies with the cookie and GDPR policy. Skycop presents its senior-level management on its website. In addition, there are some topics and feedback about Skycop on Reddit and Tripadvisor forums.

Pros & Cons

Flight compensation insurance service  Skycop Care 24/7 support is not provided for customers
Information on the website is provided in 12 languages There is no flight list to choose your flight in the claim form
It takes 4-12 weeks to get compensated
Easy-to-use, automated, 4 step claim form

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1 year ago

Excellent service. Real fighters. Highly recommended even a bit tricky way to get more money to them. Business is business and customer happy 👍

Eduardo Macieira
1 year ago

The worst service ever. they’ve withheld their my own compensation paid by the company, lasted almost two years and I had to talk to the company to start the payment process and try to figure out what happened.

I would even be able to understand your situation if the company had not made the payment on December 6, 2019. Before covid…
In my view 24 months of waiting, he is more than understanding and patient with you and I find strange that you can find my records, because I send you for different channels at least 15 messages and emails. To help you guys find my process is “ #460099ed “, so they don’t have any more excuses.

Sintija Turkopole
1 year ago

This is not normal. I had my flight cancelled on July 2019 and I still haven’t recieved my money! I have sent countless of email and i was really understanding and polite and nice for a WHOLE YEAR! Its now 2 years later and still no money in my bank account! Skycop told me that the airline has already paid for my cancelled flight which means that all this time they have just kept my money! They are talking about some kind of bullshi* about these times and that they are struggling as if we, people who trusted skycop, are not going through hard times as well. At this point, I am just done. I know that i will never recieve my money from them and all I wanna say, not to you skycop ( f u ), to other people who are thinking about trusting them, its not worth your time or your nerves. And at the end of the day, you still wont get your money back! Sad, was really disappointed.

Marion Brown
1 year ago

I would never use Skycop again. In future if I ever have to make a claim I will do it myself. Skycop never kept me informed of progression. Sent automated emails in response to my emails to them, as noted in previous reviews. Thats what there good at doing. When you go on the online account. The only information you will get is that the compensation has been granted. At that point it remains at that for months even years. They never respond. Its so frustrating to not get any response from emails sent to them. Your query is never answered. They are very shoddy and unprofessional as a business. I guess they don’t try to improve, and not swayed by negative reviews. That in itself goes to show what kind of business they are. It has taken 16 months to finally get my compensation, and thats with me having to send bombard them with review after review. My last review I sent I guess they were fed up with me and caved in. I bet I will also get an automated response to this review as well. FOLKS DO THE CLAIM YOURSELF. WHO NEEDS COWBOYS TO FIGHT FOR YOU. Thats what they are. NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER USE SKYCOP…….

1 year ago

I just want to say many thanks so solve my issue.
Skycop was my second help and since 2018 never gave up on my case until I got the airline to pay me the due.

Many thanks for all. If in the future I need help again for sure I will use Skycop again.

sony locato
1 year ago

Be Carfuuuuuuul !!!!!
Not Serious company ! I send them all information about me :Passport , a fly ticket , power of attorney…..
I am waiting since 2019 ! Every time they just write you a (tranquiliser) , they took your compensation at the end you will give up

1 year ago

Do not use Skycop find an alternative – Scam! I posted on here in Feb this year and Skycop responded asking for my claim number and promised to get in contact or resolve. Despite several follow up emails from me I still have not heard a thing. It has been nearly two years since my claim and 18 months since my claim was successful – I still have not received the funds.

My claim ID: #d4d6c581

Otilija Miseckaite
1 year ago

Super, highly recommend

Andrius Šatas
1 year ago

The claim took more than a year, but I was happy to get it. The only thing is that skycop fee is half of the whole settlement. So quite steep fees.

1 year ago

Went through long process and at end told me they couldn’t help due to really specific rules

Ugnius West
1 year ago

Terrible, claimed for 6 flights, got answer for 1 like auto reply. Writed several times more, but my cases was never replied.

Top priorities but you dont see my claims.. nice 😉 I’ve already wrote to another company..
If you wanna take investigation here are my numbers.
Your request number is 77398. and

1 year ago

Skycop received my money from the airline, but did not pay it to me. The flight was in 2019 (December 16) and as I get it, my money was “stolen” by the Skycop.

My claim #8c6d4e49 has been in “Payout initiated” status for over 2 years. I will appeal to the court, as I have moved to Latvia. So this Lithuanian company will have to respond.

I wrote about 5 emails to Skycop since 2019. For first 2 I got answer, but then I’m totally ignored. No answer at all.

1 year ago

Via the Skycop web site, I submitted a claim on the 11th of august 2020. On 21st august 2020, the airline paid the compensation to skycop.

In the 9th of December, the airline company confirmed to me with an email containing the payment reference that the compensation has been paid to skycop bank account since august 2020.
I then contacted skycop support team twice in December. I systematically received a generic response saying that:
the payment of my compensation by the airline company is taking longer time than expected due to Covid. Whereas the compensation was already paid.

I also contacted them on April 2021, another generic response saying that the payment process is taking longer due to the Covid.
On the beginning of June, I contacted them by joining the proof that the airline company has paid the compensation to skycop bank account.

Since then no answer.

It is a scam. They use the covid to justify long delays to discourage you.
You spend more time chasing them than chasing the airline company.
Avoid using their service. In fact even though you get compensated, you won’t receive any money.

I was suprised by the above overall ratings because they are far from the last 12 months reality.
Filtering above reviews, by just keeping organic reviews (reviews written by customers on their own initiative, without being asked by companies)
and just keeping the last 12 months reviews, you get this rating:
Bad: 76 %
Excellent: 17%
Great: 6%
that is more accurate
claim: #2a73fd4e

Ieva Veličkaitė
1 year ago

We waited for compensation for two years.
The claim was settled quickly. The airlines transferred the money back to Skycop’s account in 2019, but Skycop avoided returning the compensation to us by mid-June 2021 and also deducted the commissions. Such service is not worth such commissions, we are dissatisfied, we will not choose the service anymore.

Marija Kauffman
1 year ago

Fast, professional, easy and communicative! Totally recommend Skycop if you have any issues with canceled or delayed flights.

1 year ago

I’ve only used them once but they are quick in reply, sometimes several times a day. And they managed to give me a refund via one of the airlines I put a claim against. The money was in my bank account in 2 bank days.
Only downside is the fee that they charge.

Irina Rovda
1 year ago

Į am satisfied with the outcome to my request for compensation. However, IT tik mirė than a year to get the compensation. IT might be because of the pandemic. I am really thankful for skycop staff.

1 year ago

I am submitting for the first time two requests to review my flights that were lost due to airlines, and the total of the two flights is estimated at $3500..approx.
I am eager to watch your company return the money to me in return for reviewing it.. but I am not optimistic because I did not find any of its clients received compensation in order to be optimistic, what is the reason?!!

Gey Key
1 year ago

Excellent service! It’s been 2 years since my canceled flight. At first attempt airlines tried to avoid liability, but the team said that they will be fighting until the end. Last month I’ve received a message from the team that the compensation will be paid by the airline. Have to say, I forgot my appeal after first unsuccessful try but I’m really glad to know that this team was working all that time to reach the successful result. I highly recommend!

vasile fulea
1 year ago

My feedback is : very wonderful person on board the captain very well person and crew members very polite and friendly with us. Keep going.